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11 Secrets of Happiness You Should Know|Look Inside Yourself




"Happiness is like a butterfly: the more you chase it, the more it will elude you, but if you turn your attention to other things, it will come and sit softly on your shoulder."


The quote by Henry David Thoreau will surely make you feel the magical essence of happiness in your life. By giving it a deep approach, you can figure out the phenomenon of happiness that you need not roam around to search and bring happiness in your life because it resides within you only. All you have to do is feel it with each and every simple thing you own.




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Happiness: What Is Your Definition?



We all have a different interpretation of life and the manner we live it. In the same way, we all have our own definition of happiness. If you enjoy every single happy or funny moment for the whole day and put aside the negative feeling you have the same day that means you are truly happy.


define happiness


Studies find that it is impossible for an individual to experience happiness without having a single negative emotion. Happiness is not just a mixture of joy, laugh, smile, pride, satisfaction and interest. It is a mixture of all these positive emotions along with sadness, anger, guilt, criticism and anxiety also.


A happy person cannot be judged only on the basis of the positive things he has but on how he overcomes the negative emotions with the help of the limited positive emotions he has. Give it a thought that you can't feel the happiness of success if you haven't experienced the failure.


It all depend on you that how you find your own definition of happiness in your life. All you need to do is take a systematic study of Happiness.




A Systematic Study - Am I Happy?



It’s a personal advice to ask yourself the three questions written below to know where you lack being happy. For every individual self-estimation is a must. It will help you to find out the space with reasons and solution to fill it in order to regain happiness.


Am I Happy


I. What Do I Want From My Life?


This might be a question that has arisen in your mind many times. But ask it again to yourself. You may find some answers like - Money, Fame, Knowledge, Love, Friends, Family, etc. Then you have to give it a deep thought how you can get happiness with whatever you choose.



II. What Are The Positive And Negative Aspects Of My Life?


Nobody better that you, can tell you about the positivity and negativity that you are experiencing. Relate yourself to the good and bad things with you. You may find many negative things but with all those negative things you will surely find at least one single reason to be happy in your life.



III. Am I Taking Proper Sleep And Food?


It’s a human behavior that happiness automatically effect your sleep and hunger. Ask yourself the reason why are you not taking proper sleep and diet. You will get the reason behind you not being happy.



The above-mentioned questions are just for you to realize how deeply you have cut your relationship with happiness. These answers of these questions will teach you some lessons. Here you may find some solutions that will help you finding answers to the questions and bring back the happiness in your life.




Happiness is Free: Follow Some Simple Habits



Being happy is not a big task. You all can hold your happiness by adding some simple activities in your life. See below:



1. Enjoy What You Have Today



Feel satisfied with whatever you have. Feel thankful and enjoy completely with your belongings. It’s of no use if you earn a lot and not able to use it for your own enjoyment.


enjoy what you have today


Keep it in your mind that you can’t do several things at the same time. If your aim is to make money, save it for future and enjoy with it later, then you are wrong. Because you can’t decide your future. It may be possible that you might not be able to enjoy with all your savings tomorrow. So, enjoy your present with what you have today.



2. Fake The Bad Feelings



Our feelings follow our actions, so pay attention to some good thoughts and act like you are happy. Your mind will follow your action and you will feel happy.


Fake The Bad Feelings


You can enjoy good music whenever you feel depressed. It will change your mood in no time.


If you are angry at someone, think from the perspective of that person and automatically your feeling for that person will get soften.



3. Make Your Leisure Meaningful



Activities like watching TV in your leisure time can’t make you happy. You should do something meaningful that will enhance your learning. Learn new things, try new hobbies, play games and explore new places & people.


Make Your Leisure Meaningful


You can use your leisure time in the activities like-


Photography – Will make you find something creative out of nothing.


Gardening – Will help you feeling relaxed as you will be more attached to nature.


Writing & Reading – Read inspiring novels and try to make your own. Start with making journals of the things you did the whole day.


Painting – Will help you find out the artist in you.


Cooking – Might not be that interesting but according to the health experts the aspects of cooking brings happiness in you.



4. If Get Opportunity, Save A Life



In our lives, we get a few opportunities daily to save lives of living beings, whether it’s a human being or animal. Just go for it.


Save A Life


Solve problems of your close ones. Use your money to help the needy.


If you find any animal, bird to be helped, save them. These are small things but will bring happiness inside you, for sure.



5. Show Gratitude & Say “Thank You”



Have you ever showed gratitude towards anyone? If no, then try it once. It’s really magical.


Show Gratitude


It’s not a difficult task to say thanks to someone. It affects you and the person positively. Make it a habit and you will surely make you and the people around you happier.


If somebody helps you, it’s your duty to show that you are thankful. It builds a beautiful relationship between you both.



6. Learn to say “Sorry” & “No”



Apologizing brings happiness within you. If you ever hurt anyone, you should say sorry. It will erase all the guilt from your mind.




Many times we say “yes”, just to make other people happy, but forget our own happiness. If you are not at all interested, just say “no”. You will feel good.



7. Avoid Materialistic Happiness



People usually attract to bad things to get short term reasons for being happy. You can feel good after a few glasses of wine but it will, later on, lead you to the feeling of guilt, pain, and loneliness.


Avoid Materialistic Happiness


So avoid the pleasure that lasts for few minutes. Instead of  that, try stimulating your creative thinking.



8. Don’t Expect Perfection



You can’t get perfection in everything. If you are aiming to get all the perfection in one thing, then it’s not at all possible.


Don’t Expect Perfection


All the time it’s not being successful that makes you happy. So, just set a few bars to your needs and feel happy and satisfied when you achieve them.


Stop comparing you with other perfect things or people. Rather, compare yourself to yourself. It will bring the best in you and you will feel happy.



9. Stop Complaining & Getting Angry



You should avoid finding faults in others’ work. It directly affects your mind. Your stress level will get increased. All you have to do is stop being judgmental and add the habit of being responsible.


stop complaining


For example- If you have assigned your work to somebody, do it on your own if you don’t get it done correctly instead of getting angry. It will make you calm and happy.



10. Take care of yourself



No one else can take care of you in a better way than yourself. Perform daily workout/exercise/yoga/meditation to keep yourself physically and mentally fit.


Take care of yourself


Have good diet with all necessary nutrition and get a 7 hours’ sleep daily at night. It will make you physically fit and improve your memory power.


Go for a walk in the morning to places where you can feel the beauty of nature.



11. Make good friends and trust them



It is proven that those who have a trustworthy group of friends, are happier and lives longer. So make at least 5 friends, trust them and show your care & love to them.


Make good friends


Sharing your feelings with them will automatically result in erasing all the sadness in your life. But make sure you make good friends, who are loyal to you.






Our life is unpredictable and too short. So start your day with a smile. Happiness in our life is a choice. It can be differentiated by the matters of our life but at the end, you are the only one, who have the complete control on your level of happiness.


Here, I would like to conclude with one beautiful quote by Ben Sweetland “Happiness is a Journey; Not a Destination”


So, enjoy and live it!!




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