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2. Two masses m are attached to a shaft and a mass M by rods (of negligible mass) each of length I (as illustrated).The top two rods are fixed to the shaft, and the bottom two rods are fixed to mass M. As the shaft spins, masses m spin with it and mass M spins about it (its free to slide along the shaft) If mass M slides up, the angle between the rods and the shart increases (the rods are hinged at the masses m and M so that the angle can change). When the masses are not spinning, the rods make an angle of 45° with the shaft. Now, the masses are set spinning, with increasing angular velocity w. What is the least value of w for which mass M starts to rise?
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    these are some lenghty questions so acc to me these are not a part of iit jam exams you have to solve conceptual formula based questions for iit jam
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