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5 A spin- particle in a uaiform extermal magnetic field has energy eigenstates 1) and |2) The systen is prepared in ket-state at time t0. I evotves to tbe state described by te ket (-12) time T. The minimun energy diference between two levels is: ( ) a) 67 b) T
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  • Arulpriya nagaraj
    I can't understand
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  • Barun das
    pls solved yar i cant understand
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  • Barun das
    are solved kar k vejo
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    Nargis sultana
    it is a formula that when a state ket evolves in a full time period T then energy difference =(h_cut)/time period=(h_cut)/T
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    option d
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    Barun das
    solved vejo
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