Akshay Kumar Kumar @Eduncle posted an Article
January 5, 2015 • 12:00 am

How to prepare for SSC CGL Tier-2 exam?


SSC CGL Tier-2SSC CGL Tier-2 exam is here! It will be conducted on 24th January 2015 and 25th January 2015. You did well to clear SSC CGL Tier-1 exam, but still you didn’t accomplished your goal. You will need to work more hard, more than you did in preparation of SSC CGL Tier-I exam.

But don’t worry :)

These are some useful preparation tips which can help you in cracking SSC CGL Tier-2 Exam:



1. Collect the Syllabus & Pattern

First of all, collect the entire syllabus and pattern. It is recommended to download the syllabus and pattern from official website. Knowing the syllabus and pattern well and studying according to it, is the key to success.

It will give you clear idea about on how you need to prepare for the exam, the plans & strategies which need to be followed. It will also help you to predict the type and pattern of the question paper.


2. Know previous year’s cut-off

It is necessary for him/her to be in sync with previous year’s cut-off and prepare accordingly. This will give you clear idea about the amount of hard work you need to crack SSC CGL Tier-2 Exam and various aspects of the exam.


3. Accumulate Previous Year’s Question Papers & Mock Test Papers

Try to solve as many as mock test papers & previous year’s papers, especially 1-2 months before the exam, as it will give you a clear idea about the difficulty level, pattern, & how to allot minimum time to solve particular type of questions. This will help you know yourself, your capabilities & the field in which you are lagging.


4. Be focused

Don’t let your mobile, tablet, phablet etc. hinder your studies. Be serious for your career and remain focused because it’s you and only you who can crack the exam.

Focus more on the subjects you are weak in. Try to accumulate more and more previous year’s question paper and mock test paper for the subjects in which you are lagging.


5. Buy good quality books

For each subject, purchase good publication books and study with full concentration.

Practically, you will need to solve the questions (especially Quantitative Aptitude & Reasoning questions) in quick time with the maximum speed to score more and more marks.

You can also buy various books for learning shortcuts for solving problems for SSC exam.

Remember shortcuts of doing the questions and also create your own shortcuts to solve the problems faster.

Good Luck!!!