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67. Consider the following electrochemical cell, from which current is drawn through an external resistor of 10 Ohms. During this process, the concentration of CuSO, in the left and the right half-cells were measured, and the value of K=[CuSO, het/CuSO,light Was calculated. From the initial value of KK = 10, predict the value of K after a very long time when the cell stopped giving any current. -Cu CuSO4aq, 10 M)|| CuSOg(aq, I M)Cu- (a) An exact value cannot be predicted since CuSO4 solutions of such high concentrations, as used above, would not behave ideally. (b) K » 0.1 (b) K = 1.0 (d) K will be very smal, possibly < 0.00001.
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    option B is correct
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    Shristy Maurya
    mam yha kch solve ni krna na ...... theoreticall basis pr ans dena h ??
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    Cell will Stop working only if K=1
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