Father of Pakistan Cricket – An Indian!

abdul hafeez kardar18th December is celebrated as an International Migrant’s Day. On this occasion, eduncle.com will tell you about the cricketer who played for both India and Pakistan.

After gaining independence from British, a part of India was aparted and named ‘Pakistan’ – the country. Lakhs of Hindus from Pakistan region migrated to India & huge no. of Muslims from India migrated to Pakistan. But there were many people who didn’t migrated from where they belonged but their country’s name was changed to Pakistan from India.

Abdul Hafeez Kardar was born on 17th January 1925 in Lahore (Punjab) of British India. He played cricket for both India and Pakistan. He played cricket for India before the independence, and for Pakistan after the independence.


Facts about Abdul Hafeez Kardar:

• For India he played 3 Test matches and for Pakistan he played 23 Tests.
• In 1946, playing for India, he scored a total of 80 runs in his 3 test matches, his highest score was 43 runs.
• From 1952 to 1958, playing for Pakistan, he scored 847 runs in his 23 test matches. His highest score was 93 runs. He also took 21 wickets playing for Pakistan, his best bowling figure was 3-35. He took 15 catches for his side.


Why he was called “Father of Pakistan Cricket”?

• He was the first cricket captain of newly born Pakistan.
• He captained all the test matches he played for Pakistan.
• He became the first captain of the world, under whose captaincy a team has beaten the International England Team.
• In 1952, it was the first time under his captaincy, Pakistan won their first test match against India (in Lucknow)
• Between 1972 to 1977, he was the chairman and chief selector of PCB (Pakistan Cricket Board).
• He played for India, Pakistan, Muslims, Northern India, Oxford University, Services (Pakistan), Warwickshire.


To know more about Abdul Hafeez Kardar click here

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