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An MT survey was conducted in two areas, having a half-space resistivity of 100 Qm and 25 Qm, respectively. In the first area, a 100 seconds period signal is required to investigate up to 50 km depth. The signal period, in seconds, required to investigate up to the same depth in the second area is: A. 100 B. 50 C. 200 D. 400 . The apparent resistivities measured with Wenner and Schlumberger arrays are the same when equal amounts of currents are passed through current electrodes and equal potential differences are developed between potential electrodes. If the Wenner array electrode spacing is 10 m and Schlumberger array potential electrode spacing is 20 m, the current electrode spacing of the Schlumberger array is: A. 40 m B. 20 m D. 160 m C. 80 m
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    Pardon no idea about the first part solving the second one answe will be 40 m current electrode spacing .
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    Thank you
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