Apple recorded the highest-ever profit in corporate history worldwide

AppleNews - According to S&P analyst Howard Silverblatt, Apple Inc on 27th January 2015 recorded highest quarterly profit of 18 billion US dollar. The company sold 74.5 million iPhones in quarter ending December 2014.

Some more facts about News – The big-screen iPhone 6 and 6 plus drove revenues in China which increased by 70 percent in the quarter ending December 2014 compared to quarter ending December 2013. Also, the sale of iPhone doubled in Singapore and Brazil.

The revenue of the Apple Inc rose to 74.6 billion US dollar in 2014 from 57.6 billion US dollar in 2013. Apple now has a cash pile up of 178 billion US dollar which is enough to buy IBM or the equivalent to pay 556 US dollar to every American.


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