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aspects (suCh as pus amers, and atitudes), or both. Iers, dnd att thtudes), or bo both. Intrinsic moUvauon can be defined as doing an activity because of inherent satistac rcOns. who engagea into action, does it because of fun or invocation involves rather tha becauSe of external pressures or rewards ke fame, money, grades and etc. Competition is also a part of extrinsic motivation becau Fxtrinsic motivation drives by external rewards. All people might want to deserve rewa redicts that competitor's wis is extrinsic as they compete with each other to achieve m oney or fame or marketing recognition. Concepts of Motivation ad ic n condition of lack or deficit of something Tequire tn satish
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    ohk .... so extrinsic motivation vo hein jo aapko physical praise mai milte hein.... like bonus, reward, Incentivies,and etc but ixtrinsic reward are different when we praise some ...
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    Thank uu so much mam☺️
  • Charu chadha
    Intrinsic nd extrinsic motivation meaning
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    What's your doubt here?
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