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Consider the following metabolic pathway found in bacteria EI E2 E3 S I1->12 P El, E2 and E3 are enzymes which catalyze different steps of the pathway as indicated above. There are three classes of mutants: Class I- has defective E1, hence requires I1 in the medium to grow Class II has defective E2, hence requires 12 in the medium to grow Class IlI- has defective E3, hence requires P in the medium to grow Wild type grows in the minimal mediun. We mix Class I, II and II mutants and allow this mixture to grow in minimal medium. Suppose we observe growth because of revertants, then reversion has to be in (C) (A) All three Classes (B) (D) Only Class I Any of the three classes Only Class II
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  • Anup padwal thankyou
    Option D. Any of three classes. Explanation: revertant is reverse in mutation which allows formation of normal enzyme. the revertant can be form in any of three classes which resul...
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