How to comprehend “Creative Thinking” in yourself?

Creative-ThinkingYou have to admit that there are problems in everyone’s life, and everybody have to face the difficult situation in their life at one stage or the other. Some people find it a very arduous task to overcome such situation.

However, if one has the right approach, and has the ability to think differently & creatively to solve a problem, then overcoming the complication will not be an uphill task for that person! A way of looking at problems or situations from a fresh perspective that suggests unorthodox solutions may look weird at first. But it can solve a problem in large extent.

Therefore it is very essential to comprehend Creative Thinking in yourself! Here are some tips that can be very helpful if you are looking to boost creative thinking in yourself:

1. Learn to be creative every day.

In fact, we are all creative every day because we are constantly changing the ideas which we hold about the world about us. Creativity does not have to be about developing something new to the world, it is more to do with developing something new to ourselves.

When we change ourselves, the world changes with us, both in the way that the world is affected by our changed actions and in the changed way that we experience the world.

2. Deliberate Creative Thinking.

This creative thinking process can be accidental or deliberate.

Creative Thinking occurs usually in accidental way. But deliberating creative thinking can be used to develop new ideas. These techniques force the merging of a wide range of ideas to spark off new thoughts and processes. Brainstorming is one of these special techniques, but traditionally it starts with unoriginal ideas.

3. Be ready for criticism, and learn to extract important inference from it.

During the brainstorming process, criticism isn’t helpful. You’ll need the freedom in order to get to new ideas.

At the initial stage, when you are trying to solve a problem in a different way, there are lot of people who will criticize you. You just need to avoid such people and concentrate on your work.

But it is important to extract positive points from criticism. This will help you to know experience of others & what people have faced doing similar things. This will warn you for the wrong steps you would take in the near future.

4. Introduce Road blocks intentionally to learn new things.

Giving yourself new roadblocks to reach your goal, such as a lower budget, a new deadline, or a specific material to be used, can make you more creative and innovative. It may even give you an idea if you couldn’t come up with one before.

5. Keep asking questions to yourself

Always ask questions. Ask questions to yourself. Ask questions of the people you’re brainstorming with. Ask questions of your friends and family members.

Questions lead us to really think through things that we might have glazed over in our minds. Ask detailed questions and questions that really get at the heart of the issue. And don’t go for the short, obvious answer.


Hopefully, these tips will help you to boost “Creative Thinking” in yourself and may this lead to a perfect and trend setting solution to your problem ! :)

Stay Calm & Happy Creative Thinking! :)

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