Daily Challenge 16-Nov-2015 Quant,Reasoning,Gk,English..

Accept this Quantitative Challenge and Find how intelligent you are :


Ques 1) Which country will host 19th summit of South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) 2016.

(A) Maldives              (B) Pakistan              (C) Sri Lanka

(D) America               (E) Nepal


Ques 2) A man invested Rs. 4940 in Rs. 10 shares quoted at Rs. 9.50. If the rate of dividend be 14%, his annual income is

(A) Rs.728                                                     (B) Rs.648

(C) Rs.720                                                     (D) Rs.622


Ques 3) The concept of “Carbon Credit” is associated with which of the following areas?

(A) Protection of environment                                           (B) Women empowerment

(C) Development of rural infrastructure                           (D) Development of coal mines

(E) None of these


Ques 4) Which eminent Punjabi writer has announced on 13th October 2015 that she will be returning her Padma Shri to protest against rising communal tension in India?

(A)Hardeep Kumar Tiwana        (B) Amrita Pritam              (C)Balwant Gargi

(D) Dalip Kumar Tiwana            (E) None of these


Ques 5) Ankita is the mother of Bharat, Cheeku is the son of Ankita, Danny is the brother of Ellie, Ellie is the daughter of Bharat, The grandmother of Danny is

(A)   Ankita     (B) Bharat  (C)       Cheeku           (D)       Ellie


Ques 6)  If CLOTHES is EXHAUST and THRICE is STABLE, then SHIRT is written in

(A)  BLUSH    (B)  STAUL    (C)   THULE    (D)   TUBAS



(A)       OLPA      (B)     KLMA        (C)      LLMA           (D)      KLLA


Ques 8) 12345679 * 72 =?

(a)        88888888        (b)        888888888      (c)        898989898      (d)       9999999998


Q1 (B)

Q2 (A)

Q3 (A)

Q4 (D)

Q5 (A)

Q6 (D)

Q7 (D)

Q8 (B)

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