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February 22, 2019 • 10:57 am

Are you wise enough to take the Better Decision?


Decision Making! This is the process through which you can draw out results which can make your life better or worse as well.

Many of you must have heard once in your life from your parents that now you’ve grown up, so you can take your own decisions. So have you ever thought why they added the tag ‘grown up’ to address you in their statements? This is because making decision for your own life needs a certain maturity level which only comes as you grow up.

Now I make it more plausible for you by taking an easy example from our daily life. In each step of our life we have two or more choices either to go this side or that side, either to choose this or that. In movies or serials also you must have seen when the actor gets confused, the two of his souls appear in front of him/her, bad soul and good soul and they make him more confused.

So this state of confusion distract us from making a wise decision.

Didn’t get my point yet? Okay! Let me give you one more example. When students pass their 12th class or graduation and they have to take decisions for their career to make their future secure, they get confused amongst so many choices like whether to go in technical line or marketing or to do higher studies or to do something to realize their dreams. How to choose a wise career option and so on? And this continues till they get settled in a particular field.

Isn’t it so damn confusing to make a decision, to choose one which takes you to your destination? Youngsters face this problem very frequently, they have to make decisions at every step of life. I’m writing this blog to give you an idea about how we make mistakes in decision making? How should we choose a right decision? And how it can be harmful for you when you choose the wrong path?

To begin with the decision making process firstly we have to realize that in life we have so many choices and amongst them some are which we really want and some are which, that will lead us to success and bright future, so we should choose the way to bright future not the way which fulfils only our desires.

How Decision Making plays an Important Role?

Decision Making is a very crucial part of our lives. We should not get conscious about our decisions. As many of us make wrong decisions, we have more chances to improve our mistakes and make more wise decisions and also to improve our decisive qualities. But some decisions are irreversible, once they are made they cannot be retracted.

Decisions made in early life can ruin your life if it goes wrong and at the same time decisions made in early life can also turn life into happiness all around. Some people assume that these activities are based on karma, destiny or circumstances but what if you didn’t even give a thought over all the circumstances, what if you didn’t even analyzed the situations and after overviewing everything you made a decision. Then we can’t blame on our destiny or luck or karma or circumstances, we should actually blame to our mental capabilities that we were not able to understand things and we made a wrong decision.

Decisions are unlike responsibilities which are an important part of our lives. We must face them with the same attitude as we carry our other responsibilities, because decisions that are right relieve us of many responsibilities and problems in life and wrong decisions only compound to our problems.

The higher we climb the ladder of our life, the complex our decisions become. Our decisions at this point become very critical and carry an enormous overwhelming responsibility.

Many decisions we make are mental conclusions based on knowledge and experience as well as the nature of our character.

Some decisions are forced on us and we must rely on our knowledge and experience for a correct decision. If we have no knowledge or experience we should seek out someone who can guide us.

One thing which should always be there in our minds is that we should never be self-centered while making any decision. The person who is considered as a good decision maker also involves others feelings.

The decision should be made by keeping certain goals and thoughts in our minds and it should be taken in such a way that the results justify the ends.

Also, we should make decisions where we do not create situations we cannot control and which wind up controlling us and we find that our freedom of choice has been eroded.

How to make a Wise Decision?

People often find it hard to make decisions - inevitably we all have to make decisions all the time. Some people put off making decisions by endlessly searching for more information or getting other people to offer their recommendations.

Regardless of the effort that is put into making a decision, it has to be accepted that some decisions will not be the best possible choice.

This blog will help you to examine technique that can be used for effective decision making and that should help you to make effective decisions now and in the future.

Though decisions can be made using either intuition or reasoning. Whatever approach is used it is always helpful.

Plan decision making to meet deadlines in following way –

Listing all possible solutions/options Setting a time scale and deciding who is responsible for the decision Information gathering. Weighing up the risks involved. Deciding on values, or in other words what is important. Weighing up the pros and cons of each course of action. Making the decision.





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