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February 22, 2019 • 10:11 am

Discover the Real You | Key to Your Dreams

Discover the real you

Everyone lives in two worlds at a time. First, in which they can see through their eyes and the second one is their dream world, which remains in their imagination all the time. Now whatever you see in imagination is your actual desire to change yourself into that person or I can say ‘your imagination is everything what you want in your life’. But sometimes, it ends up being your imagination only, a dream which never came true. And then you start feeling incomplete.

So let’s make a start now-

Are you right now who, what you dreamed of, doing what you always wanted to do? Just think about it!

Each one of us regrets for not being the person we always wanted to be. But ask yourself once ‘Have you ever tried to make your dreams come true?’

Regretting on things for which you didn’t even try, is not the solution. You will have to make efforts to let them come true. And if you don’t make an effort to visualize who you are and what you want in life, you start expecting with others to shape you and your life by default.

The most common excuses for our failure are- I don’t know how to reach up to there and i don’t have resources etc.

What Efforts should be made to achieve your Dreams, to achieve the Real You?





















  • Be specific with your goal.
  • Keep this attitude that nothing is easily available, you will have to do struggle to achieve it and it may take time so be prepared for the journey of finding the real you.
  • Make a strategy to reach up to your goal.
  • Divide your main goal into short-term goals and start by taking a right move.
  • Search for the resources from which you can initiate and move towards your dream life.
  • Develop self-confidence and optimistic approach towards life.
  • Use your ideas into real world.
  • Get a part time job or ask to family and friends for financial help.
  • Stay Motivated!
  • Review your progress regularly and learn from failures.

Follow above steps to discover the real you. Walt Disney Corporation strongly believes in “If you can dream it, you can do it” so dreaming itself gives you a power to achieve it. :)