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What is eLitmus?

eLitmus is a first of its kind service in the world. This service was launched in 2005 which is totally aimed at starting a fresher recruiting fashion in India.

eLitmus conducts a test called pH test across the country once every 2 weeks.

Basically, it is an aptitude exam which evaluates job seekers on the basis of parameters. The freshers who appear in this exam are resulted in grades or pH score.

The graduates who qualify the exam with required score will be eligible to get directly into the PI round of any company. Several IT companies use the pH score as a hiring tool. Candidates with a valid pH score can apply to all the companies hiring through eLitmus. pH score makes a candidate visible to the corporate world.

pH Test (Hiring Potential Test)

The pH test is a national level test. The pH test score is in form of percentile which helps candidates benchmark themselves against the national talent pool.

The candidates can also use the score to apply to all participating companies for a period of 2 years. The pH test score has helped over 210 companies across multiple industries such as Automobile, IT/Software and Construction, to recruit capable candidates from across India.

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Why to take eLitmus?

Every year over four lakh engineers are graduating from colleges across the country and over four thousands of IT and software companies are releasing job vacancies for them. But the problem is that entry level recruitment logistics are daunting in India for both Job Seekers and Recruiters.

To ease out this problem, eLitmus serves as a common interface between Job Less Freshers and Reputed Software Companies. It allows graduated and eLitmus qualified students to get invitations from various companies to appear in Interviews and get placed over there on or above salary packages of 4 lakhs.

How does it help Job Seekers and Recruiters to get Good Job and Good Employees?

eLitmus uses novel evaluation methods and innovative use of technology to solve both sides of this problem effectively.

For recruiters, it provides a way to reach out to candidates from across India, any time of the year, using standardized evaluation criteria – all without any of the attendant logistical hassles, and with tremendous savings in cost and effort.

For job-seekers, it provides a one-stop-shop where they have access to dozens of employers from across the country, based on a completely objective and standardized score, dramatically improving their chances of finding that right first job, with much less effort.

#if you are a recruiter, the service offers you compelling reasons to consider our end-to-end services for all your entry-level hiring needs.

#if you are a recent graduate, your search for that dream job ends over here – a pH Score is your ticket to the best employers in the Indian industry, all at one place.

eLitmus Test Pattern

The test measures a broad range of skills that you have gained throughout your education. It does not test your proficiency in any specific areas or subjects. It presumes only a familiarity with high school level mathematics, and some proficiency in essential English language skills.

The test is administered offline and the pattern is as follows-

Time Duration – 2 Hours

Sections – Quantitative, Verbal and Analytical.

Total Question – 60 (Each Section 20 Questions)

Questions Type – Objective with 7 difficulty levels

Total Marks – 600

eLitmus Syllabus

The exam consists of three sections – Quantitative Aptitude, Verbal and Analytical.

The syllabuses for these sections are given below-

Quantitative Ability (20 Questions)


Speed, Time and Distance

Time and Work

Number System


Permutations and Combinations

Few Miscellaneous Questions

Reasoning (20 Questions)

Seating Arrangement

Tabular Data

Cryptarithmatic Questions

Data Sufficiency Questions

Verbal Ability (20 Questions)

Reading Comprehension

Jumbled Paragraph Questions

Vocabulary Based Questions

Fill in the Blanks

Miscellaneous Questions

Eligibility Criteria

The test contains no eligibility criteria but the candidates having/pursuing a degree in BE/B-Tech, MCA, ME/M-Tech or M.Sc. (CS/IT) will benefit from the pH test.

How to Apply?

The candidates who are well prepared for the test may apply through the link given below.

Application Fee – INR 920/-

Mode of Payment

The candidates may pay either online or offline.

Online – If you have a credit card or online banking facility, you can pay the test fee online.
Demand Draft – You could send a demand draft drawn in favour of “eLitmus Evaluation Private Limited” and payable at Bangalore. You need to mention your Name and Registration ID on the backside of the DD.
By Cash – They accept cash only at our Bangalore office. Candidates need to get their pH test registration ID.

Note: All centers have limited capacity and can be closed before the last date in case they reach the maximum capacity. We advise to confirm your seat well in advance to avoid any disappointments.

Selection Criteria for eLitmus

An extensive range of online tools are provided to help recruiters to easily screen and select candidates based on this and dozens of other parameters.

Your final score will reflect not only the number of questions that you have answered correctly, but also their difficulty level, and on how your peers have fared on the same questions.

In order to qualify the exam, the candidates are required to score 100+ marks.

There is a rough idea of score given below which is taken from sources-

Quantitative Aptitude

0 marks – 40 percentile

Up-to 10 Marks (1 correct question) – 50+ percentile

Up-to 20 Marks (2 correct question) – 60+ percentile

Up-to 30 Marks (3 correct question) – 75+ percentile

30+ marks – 80-85+ percentile


Up-to 20 Marks (2 correct question) – 40+ percentile

Up-to 30 Marks (3 correct question) – 50+ percentile

Up-to 40 Marks (4 correct question) – 65+ percentile

Up-to 50 Marks (5 correct question) – 80+ percentile

50+ Marks – 85+ percentile

Verbal Ability

Up-to 20 Marks (2 correct question) – 20+ percentile

Up-to 60 Marks (6 correct question) – 60+ percentile

Up-to 90 Marks (9 correct question) – 85+ percentile

Up-to 100 marks – 90+ percentile

120+ marks – 96+ percentile

Some sectional percentile combination which will give your idea about estimating overall percentile.

Quant 50 + Reasoning 85 + Verbal 95 – 90+ overall percentile

Quant 30 + Reasoning 70 + Verbal 95 – 80+ overall percentile

Quant 80 + Reasoning 80 + Verbal 90 – 95+ overall percentile

Quant 60 + Reasoning 80 + Verbal 90 – 85+ overall percentile.


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