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Fet porphyrins fails to exhibit reversible O, transport & can't differentiate CO from O,. However the hemoglobin is free from both these pit falls. Among the following correct set of statements is 10. North Delhi: 72, Mall Road, GT.B. Nagar, New Delhi - 110009 South Delhi: 28B/7, Jia Sarai, Near IIT, Hauz Khas, New Delhi - 110016. Mob.: 8860108204 Toll Free: 1800 120 S848, Ph.: 011-41415514, 09136597244, Web.: (A) Fes" porphyrins undergo -Oxodimer formation and the same is prevented in the case of hemoglobin (B) Fe-CO bond strength is much low in case of hemoglobin when compared to Fe porphyrins (C)While Fe-CO is linea, Fe-O, is bent & is recognised by hemoglobin (D) The interlinked 4 monomeric units in the hemoglobin are responsible to overcome the pitfalls. (a) A and B (b) A and C (c)C and D (d) B and D
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    see this..option B is correct
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    Hemoglobin is free from both these pitfalls as because the globin chain around the Fe-porphyrin ring (as a whole hemoglobin ) maintains hydrophobic environment. Now the porphyrin s...
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