Akshit Asked a Question
June 12, 2020 1:47 pmpts 30 pts
for indian Literature Srinivas Iyengar book is better or A.K Mehrotra ?
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  • Deb halder Halder
    Remember Indian writing is not only there in syllabus, it is Indian English studies. so it much vaster than Indian writing
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  • Deb halder Halder
    follow Mehrotra and supplement it with Iyengar if you have time.
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    first I want to clear exam with limited source then I would surely read in depth . from various books
  • Deb halder Halder thankyou
    A. k Mehrotra is better and updated. Srinivas Iyengar is till 1970s. writers after that are included in Mehrotra. follow Mehrotra for recent writers
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