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Are you conscious enough about the latest news in India and around the world? Test your General Awareness through the quiz made up of all the recent major happenings.


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Que.1 Which one is the first city to roll-out Euro VI Fuel?


1. Mumbai

2. Bengaluru

3. Delhi

4. Jaipur


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Que.2 Rashtriya Avishkar Abhiyan launched by?


1. NAD





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Que.3 Recently in which country does the President of India visited?


1. The USA

2. Africa

3. France

4. Italy


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Que.4 Which state government will launch Gobardhan Yojana?


1. Rajasthan

2. Punjab

3. Uttar Pradesh

4. Haryana


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Que.5 How many members are included in the committee formed by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting to regulate online portals?


1. 10

2. 7

3. 9

4. 5


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Que.6 How many institutes are awarded in NIRF India Ranking 2018?


1. 78

2. 45

3. 69

4. 61


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Que.7 In which month the International Frankfurt Trade Fair, Ambiente 2019 will be organized?


1. March 2019

2. June 2018

3. November 2019

4. February 2019


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February 2019 




Que.8 First woman to become UN Political Chief is?


1. Rosemary DiCarlo

2. Mary Robinson

3. Helen Clark

4. Christine Lagarde


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Rosemary DiCarlo 




Que.9 ‘Foal Eagle 2018’, a combined Joint Military Exercise was conducted between which of the following countries?


1. US – Mongolia

2. UK – China

3. South Korea – US

4. UK – Russia


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South Korea – US 




Que.10 Which country has launched their first ever nuclear plant?


1. Turkey

2. Georgia

3. Greece

4. Bulgaria


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Que.11 MoU on Defence Salary Package has been signed by?


1. Indian Army and Axis Bank

2. Indian Military and HDFC

3.Axis Bank and Indian Army

4. HDFC Bank and Indian Army


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HDFC Bank and Indian Army 




Que.12 Who is the winner of Telangana Sports Journalists Association Annual Awards?


1. Harmanpreet Kaur

2. Mithali Raj

3. Rani Rampal

4. Savita


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Mithali Raj 




Que.13 Recently which Cricketer has got Padma Bhushan Award 2018?


1. Ajinkya Rahane

2. Rohit Sharma

3. MS Dhoni

4. Virat Kohli


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MS Dhoni 




Que.14 Who is appointed as the Next Ambassador of India to Serbia?


1. Narinder Chauhan

2. Navtej Sama

3. K. Nandini Singla

4. Subrata Bhattacharjee


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Subrata Bhattacharjee 




Que.15 Who is the new President of Nasscom?


1. Debjain Ghosh

2. Kiran Karnik

3. Amish Mehta

4. Sunil Bharti Mittal


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Debjain Ghosh 




Que.16 World Health Day is celebrated on?

1. 8 March

2. 12 December

3. 21 October

4. 7 April


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7 April 




Que.17 Which Tamil Film Director had passed away on 1st April 2018?


1. Jeeva

2. Lekh Tandon

3. Neeraj Vora

4. C.V. Rajendran


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C.V. Rajendran 




Que.18 Who won the gold medal in women’s 48 kg weightlifting event in CWG 2018?


1. Heena Sidhu

2. Manu Bhaker

3. Mirabai Chanu

4. Apurvi Chandela


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Mirabai Chanu 




Que.19 Which App is launched by Piyush Goyal for Coal Quality Monitoring?


1. NGN





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Que.20 RH-300 rocket launched under which programme?


1. Solar Exploration Programme

2. INSAT Programme

3. SOUREX Programme

4. Space light Programme


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SOUREX Programme 



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