General Knowledge Quiz & Current Affairs Ques 20 to 26 May 2018

General-Knowledge-Quiz-&-Current-Affairs-Ques-20th- 26th May 2018


Are you conscious enough about the latest news in India and around the world? Test your General Awareness through the quiz made up of all the recent major happenings.

Here Eduncle brings you the Top Current Affairs & GK Questions and Answers to help you out with the best practice to Competitive Exams’ General Awareness Section. Please take the Current Affairs/ GK Quiz below and find out the correct answers.



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 The GK Questions & Answers which are provided below is based on the Weekly Current Affairs & General Knowledge from 20 to 26 May 2018.


Before you attempt the below GK Quiz, kindly go through the Current Affairs News mentioned above for quick revision.


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So, let’s start with the Quiz and test your preparation level!



Ques.1. Which among the following is the World’s longest sandstone Cave?


1. Ajanta & Ellora Caves

2. Badami Caves

3. Gandikota Caves

4. Krem Puri


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Krem Puri




Ques.2. The famous personality Bansidhar Panda who died recently was?


1. Veteran Actor

2. Veteran Painter

3. Hindi Writer

4. Industrialist


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Ques.3. The Anti- Terrorism Day is celebrated on


1. 18th May

2. 20th May

3. 21st May

4. 22nd May


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21st May




Ques.4. Charan Singh is appointed as the Chairperson of ?


1. Dena Bank

2. Punjab and Sindh Bank

3. Central Bank of India

4. Punjab National Bank


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Punjab and Sindh Bank 




Ques.5. The Digital leader of the Year Award is won by?


1. Pankaj Advani

2. Nara Lokesh

3. Gagan Narang

4. Heena Sidhu


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Nara Lokesh




Ques.6. Which of the following Station of India is named as Dirtiest Railway Stations?


1. Ahmedabad

2. Thane

3. Jammu

4. Patna


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Ques.7. India tested Brahmos Missile successfully under the joint ventures of?


1. India- China

2. India- US

3. India- Sweden

4. India- Russia


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India- Sweden




Ques.8. Which country has become the Sixth Richest Country in the world?


1. France

2. South Korea

3. India

4. South Africa


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Ques.9. The BASIC Ministerial meeting of Environmental ministers was held at which city?


1. Paris

2. Durban

3. Singapore

4. Manhattan


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Ques.10. Who won the title of Italian Open Final?


1. Rafael Nadal

2. Novak Djokovic

3. Maria Sharapova

4. Andre Agassi


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Rafael Nadal




Ques.11. Who is the new Secretary to Minister of Information and Broadcast in India?


1. Rajiv Gauba

2. Sanjay Kothari

3. Amit Khare

4. Vijay Gokhales


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Amit Khare




Ques.12. Which of the following day is celebrated on 24th May-


1. Maryland Day

2. World Theatre Day

3. Commonwealth Day

4. International Day for Biodiversity


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Commonwealth Day




Ques.13. Who is the chairman of National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development?


1. Ajay Tyagi

2. Ram Sewak Sharma

3. Harsh Kumar Bhanwala

4. Ajit Gulabchand


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Harsh Kumar Bhanwala




Ques.14. Who is the Winner of the Palme D’ Or Award at Cannes?


1. Burning

2. Cold War

3. Three Faces

4. Shop Lifters

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Shop Lifters




Ques.15. Which of the following Organization has launched the Data Visualization App?





4. WHO


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Ques.16. The Bank of Baroda and CDSL has signed an Agreement on Which of the following?


1. Pledge Finance under Repository Ecosystem

2. Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code

3. Safety Purpose

4. Memorandum of Intent


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Pledge Finance under Repository Ecosystem




Ques.17. The Software for Disease monitoring is named as?


1. Sanjeevani

2. Nidaan

3. Poshan

4. Sugam


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Ques.18. The Cabinet has approved the official amendment to which of the following Commission?


1. Indian National Commission

2. National Medical Commission

3. Bilateral Cooperation Commission

4. National Dairy Commission


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Bilateral Cooperation Commission




Ques.19. The United Nations has recently disinvited which of the following countries for the RIMPAC exercise?


1. North Korea

2. Pakistan

3. China

4. Russia


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Ques.20. The full form of the abbreviation ISPRL is?


1. Indian Space Program and Research Limited

2. Indian Strategic Petroleum Reserves Limited

3. International Stock of Petroleum and Reserves Limited

4. International Stage for Planning and Research Limited


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Indian Strategic Petroleum Reserves Limited



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