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Are you conscious enough about the latest news in India and around the world? Test your General Awareness through the quiz made up of all the recent major happenings.


Here, Eduncle brings you the Top Current Affairs & GK Questions and Answers to help you out with the best practice to Competitive Exams’ General Awareness Section. Please take the Current Affairs/ GK Quiz below and find out the correct answers.



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 The GK Questions & Answers which are provided below is based on the Weekly Current Affairs & General Knowledge from 7 to 12 May 2018.


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Ques 1. Which Expressways are inaugurated by the Prime Minister in the Delhi NCR?



[A] Eastern Peripheral Expressway

[B] Phase-1 of Delhi-Meerut Expressway

[C] Both of them

[D] None of them


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Both of them




Ques 2. Which edition of “Rashtriya Sanskriti Mahotsav” was organized in Tehri?


[A] 3rd

[B] 5th

[C] 7th

[D] 9th


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Ques 3. What is the state bird of Andhra Pradesh?


[A] Rama Chiluka (Psittacula Krameri)

[B] Peacock

[C] Godavan

[D] Indian Roller


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Rama Chiluka (Psittacula Krameri)




Ques 4. Which IT Corridor was launched by India in China?


[A] 1st

[B] 2nd

[C] 3rd

[D] 4th


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Ques 5. What is the full form of CGST?


[A] Consumer Goods and Service Tax

[B] Capital Goods and Service Tax

[C] Central Goods and Service Tax

[D] Company Goods and Service Tax


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Central Goods and Service Tax




Ques 6. Which day is celebrated as the U.S. Memorial Day?


[A] 27th May

[B] 28th May

[C] 29th May

[D] 30th May


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29th May




Ques 7. Who is the new president of the National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission?


[A] Justice R K Agarwal

[B] Justice D K Jain

[C] Justice V. Balakrishna Eradi

[D] Justice Suhas C. Sen


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Justice R K Agarwal




Ques 8. Who is appointed as Lebanon’s Prime Minister?


[A] Tammam Salam

[B] Najib Mikati

[C] Fouad Siniora

[D] Saad Hariri


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Saad Hariri




Ques 9. Who won the World Press Cartoon Award?


[A] Thomas Antony

[B] Luiz Carlos Fernandes

[C] Cau Gomez

[D] Silvan Wegmann


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Thomas Antony




Ques 10. Which firm is the most valuable firm globally?


[A] Apple

[B] Amazon

[C] Microsoft

[D] None of these


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Ques 11. Who won the Champion Security Award?


[A] ICICI Bank

[B] HDFC Bank

[C] PNB Bank

[D] Dena Bank



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Ques 12. With which telecom company Patanjali was tied up?


[A] Airtel

[B] Aircel

[C] Idea



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Ques 13. The Government of India has signed a loan agreement of 500 Million for Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana recently with one of the given organizations –


[A] World Bank

[B] Government of US

[C] State Bank of India

[D] None of these


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World Bank




Ques 14. On which date World No Tobacco Day is celebrated?


[A] 2nd June

[B] 1st June

[C] 31st May

[D] 30th May


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31st May




Ques 15. What is the full form of CSO?


[A] Central Statistics Office

[B] Central State Office

[C] Central Statistics Organization

[D] Central State Organization


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Central Statistics Office




Ques 16. Which scheme will be used by Indian railway to control air circulation in the tunnel of Imphal?


[A] Artificial Intelligence

[B] HVAC System

[C] CASCO USA Scheme

[D] Ventilating System


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Artificial Intelligence




Ques 17. Late Geeta Kapoor was from which field?


[A] Film Industry

[B] Sports

[C] Politics

[D] Research



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Film Industry




Ques 18. Who is appointed as the Prime Minister of Italy?


[A] Paolo Gentiloni

[B] Giuseppe Conte

[C] Matteo Renzi

[D] Enrico Letta


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Giuseppe Conte




Ques 19. Mr. Kailash Satyarthi was awarded which award recently?


[A] Padma Shri Award

[B] Most Inspiring Icon of The Year for Social Welfare Award

[C] Santokba Humanitarian Award

[D] None of Them


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Santokba Humanitarian Award




Ques 20. Which ranked was secured by IISc Bangalore in the World Reputation Rankings 2018?


[A] 89

[B] 91

[C] 93

[D] 95


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