General Knowledge Quiz & Current Affairs Ques 1 to 8 Oct 2017

General Knowledge Quiz & Current Affairs Ques 1 to 8 Oct 2017



Are you conscious enough about the latest news in India and around the world? Test your General Awareness through the quiz made up of all the recent major happenings.


Here Eduncle brings you the Top Current Affairs & GK Questions and Answers to help you out with the best practice to Competitive Exams’ General Awareness Section. Please take the Current Affairs/ GK Quiz below and find out the correct answers.




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To increase your efficiency of practicing the GK Quiz, Eduncle has come up with some words of advice.



What Eduncle Says!


 The GK Questions & Answers which are provided below is based on the Weekly Current Affairs & General Knowledge from 1 to 8 October 2017.


 Before you attempt the below GK Quiz, kindly go through the Current Affairs News mentioned above for quick revision.


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So, let’s start with the Quiz and test your preparation level!




Ques 1. On Which Day International Day of Older Persons is celebrated by UNO?

[A] 1st October

[B] 2nd October

[C] 5th October

[D] 30th September

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1st October




Ques 2. Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman inaugurated the Pratham – Shyok Bridge in which of the following state?

[A] Sikkim

[B] Arunachal Pradesh

[C] Manipur

[D] Jammu & Kashmir

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Jammu & Kashmir




Ques 3. Which of the following City will host the 3rd annual ‘Women of India Organic Festival’?

[A] Jaipur

[B] Bhopal

[C] Delhi

[D] Lucknow

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Ques 4. Who among the following has been appointed as Lieutenant Governor of Andaman and Nicobar Islands?

[A] Prof. Jagdish Mukhi

[B] Admiral Devendra Kumar Joshi

[C] Shri Banwarilal Purohit

[D] Shri Ganga Prasad

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Admiral Devendra Kumar Joshi




Ques 5. Who among the following has been appointed as Governor of Bihar?

[A] Satya Pal Malik

[B] Prof. Jagdish Mukhi

[C] Shri Ganga Prasad

[D] Shri Banwarilal Purohit

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Satya Pal Malik




Ques 6. Which of the following state Government launched ‘Single Click Pension Delivery’ scheme?

[A] Uttar Pradesh

[B] Rajasthan

[C] Madhya Pradesh

[D] Maharashtra

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Madhya Pradesh




Ques 7. Which of the following city is set to become the first state capital to come up with an exclusive toilet for the transgender community?

[A] Bhopal

[B] Jaipur

[C] Shimla

[D] Hyderabad

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Ques 8. Which among the following temples has been adjudged the cleanest Iconic Place in the country under “Swachhta Hi Seva” Programme?

[A] Golden Temple

[B] Tirupathi Temple

[C] Meenakshi Temple

[D] Vishnupad Mandir

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Meenakshi Temple




Ques 9. Who among the following player won Malaysian Grand Prix at the Sepang Circuit?

[A] Lewis Hamilton

[B] Max Verstappen

[C] Magnus Carlsen

[D] Daniel Ricciardo

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Max Verstappen




Ques 10. Who among the following has been appointed as next Ambassador of India to the Republic of Macedonia

[A] Anita Nayar

[B] Mukta Tomar

[C] Pooja Kapur

[D] Shamma Jain

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Pooja Kapur




Ques 11. Who among the following has been appointed as Chairperson of a Commission to examine the sub-categorization of other Backward Classes?

[A] Dr. J.K. Bajaj

[B] Biswajit Saha

[C] Baljit Singh

[D] G. Rohini

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G. Rohini




Ques 12. In which city Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2017 will be held?

[A] Panaji

[B] Hyderabad

[C] Bhopal

[D] New Delhi

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Ques 13. Which of the following state has implemented ‘No helmet, no petrol’ rule for two-wheeler riders to reduce road accident deaths?

[A] Andhra Pradesh

[B] Karnataka

[C] Tamil Nadu

[D] Maharashtra

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Andhra Pradesh




Ques 14. Which of the following state has launched “Mathru Poorna” scheme to meet the nutritional needs of pregnant and lactating women in rural areas?

[A] Telangana

[B] Maharashtra

[C] Rajasthan

[D] Karnataka

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Ques 15. Who among the following has been appointed as Chairman of Process Plant and Machinery Association of India?

[A] Yatinder Pal Singh

[B] Shantanu Narayen

[C] Rajeev Suri

[D] UB Pravin Rao

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Yatinder Pal Singh




Ques 16. Which among the following Ministries has been adjudged as the best department for its contribution during “Swachhta Pakhwada”?

[A] Ministry of Earth Sciences

[B] Ministry of Health and Family Welfare

[C] Ministry of Railways

[D] Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports

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Ministry of Health and Family Welfare




Ques 17. Who among the following has been chosen for the prestigious “Bharat Ratna Pandit Bhimsen Joshi” Award?

[A] Sombala Kumar

[B] Sumitra Guha

[C] Manik Bhide

[D] None of these

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Manik Bhide




Ques 18. Which country’s Women Police training centre will get technical and financial assistance from Government of India?

[A] Bangladesh

[B] Myanmar

[C] Nepal

[D] Malaysia

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Ques 19. In which of the following city Country’s first ITI for Dibyangans opened?

[A] New Delhi

[B] Kolkata

[C] Bengaluru

[D] Dibrugarh

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Ques 20. Who among the following has been appointed as new Chairman of SBI?

[A] P.K. Gupta

[B] Rajnish Kumar

[C] B. Sriram

[D] Sanjiv Malhotra

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Rajnish Kumar




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