General Knowledge Quiz & Current Affairs Ques 25 to 31 Dec 2017

General Knowledge Quiz & Current Affairs Ques 25 to 31 Dec



Are you conscious enough about the latest news in India and around the world? Test your General Awareness through the quiz made up of all the recent major happenings.


Here Eduncle brings you the Top Current Affairs & GK Questions and Answers to help you out with the best practice to Competitive Exams’ General Awareness Section. Please take the Current Affairs/ GK Quiz below and find out the correct answers.



Want to read the Complete Weekly News from 25th to 31st December 2017?





To increase your efficiency of practicing the GK Quiz, Eduncle has come up with some words of advice.



What Eduncle Says!


 The GK Questions & Answers which are provided below is based on the Weekly Current Affairs & General Knowledge from 25 to 31 December 2017.


 Before you attempt the below GK Quiz, kindly go through the Current Affairs News mentioned above for quick revision.


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So, let’s start with the Quiz and test your preparation level!




Ques 1. Which state has signed a loan agreement with the World Bank for the Irrigation Agriculture Modernization Project?

[A] Bihar

[B] Tamil Nadu

[C] Andhra Pradesh

[D] Punjab

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Tamil Nadu



Ques 2. Which Indian city recently got its own logo and tagline?

[A] Mumbai

[B] Jaipur

[C] Bengaluru

[D] Chennai

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Ques 3. Who sworn-in as Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh?

[A] JP Nadda

[B] Vijay Rupani

[C] Prem Kumar Dhumal

[D] Jairam Thakur

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Jairam Thakur




Ques 4. Who has been named the PETA 2017 Person of The Year?

[A] Ranveer Kapoor

[B] Anushka Sharma

[C] Jitu Ray

[D] Virat Kohali

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Anushka Sharma




Ques 5. Which team won the SAFF U-15 Women’s Championship?

[A] India

[B] Saudi Arabia

[C] Saudi Arabia

[D] Bangladesh

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Ques 6. Who is the youngest Debutant for India’s T20 Internationals series?

[A] Virat Kohali

[B] Washington Sundar

[C] Shubhankar Sharma

[D] Jitu Ray

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Washington Sundar





Ques 7. The Parliament has passed the Indian Institute of Petroleum and Energy (IIPE) Bill, 2017. Where will be the IIPE establish?

[A] Vishakhapatnam

[B] Mumbai

[C] Bangaluru

[D] Hyderabad

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Ques 8. Who has been appointed as the new Executive Director of UNICEF?

[A] Dominique Mineur

[B] Kumi Naidoo

[C] Henrietta Fore

[D] Saba Karim

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Henrietta Fore




Ques 9. Who is the writer of biography of Uttarakhand CM Trivendra Singh Rawat, titled ‘Trivendra Ek Zindaginama – Khairasain ka Sooraj’?

[A] Amitav Ghosh

[B] Anita Desai

[C] Nandan Singh Bisht

[D] Vikram Seth

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Nandan Singh Bisht




Ques 10. As per the recent report released by Centre for Economics and Business Research, India will be on which number in the largest economy list in 2018?

[A] Sixth

[B] Fourth

[C] Fifth

[D] Third

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Ques 11. Which day is celebrated as the Good Governance Day?

[A] 14 December

[B] 26 December

[C] 25 December

[D] 27 December

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25 December




Ques 12. Ekuverin, the 8th edition of a joint military exercise between India and Maldives National Defence Forces will be held in which country?

[A] Belgium

[B] Singapore

[C] China

[D] Michigan

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Ques 13. Who has launched remote sensing satellites to conduct electromagnetic environmental probes?


[B] China



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Ques 14. Hyderabad-based machine learning and artificial intelligence startup, H-Bots has developed a smart policing Robocop named as

[A] Trivendra Singh Rawat

[B] Naveen Patnayak

[C] Jitu Ray

[D] Hemant Karkare

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Hemant Karkare




Ques 15. Partha Mukhopadhyay, who passed away recently, was related to which profession?

[A] Scientist

[B] Eye Surgeon

[C] Cartoonist

[D] Film Actor

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Film Actor




Ques 16. Which Bank has signed MoU with POORTI Agri Services Pvt. Ltd to provide online platform to the farmers for the Agri products?

[A] Bank of Baroda 

[B] Bank of India

[C] Central Bank of India

[D] UCO Bank

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Bank of Baroda




Ques 17. Who has been awarded Innovative Young Biotechnologist Award?

[A] Saba Karim

[B] Pranita P Sarangi

[C] K. S. Chitra

[D] Anisa Sayyed

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Pranita P Sarangi




Ques 18. Which city will organize the 105th Indian Science Congress event 2018?

[A] Odisha

[B] Gujarat

[C] Imphal

[D] Uttarakhand

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Ques 19. Which country has first introduced the solar-powered (Photovoltaic) highways?

[A] China

[B] France

[C] Japan

[D] Russia

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Ques 20. Shubhankar Sharma is related to which of the following sports?

[A] Boxing

[B] Shooting

[C] Golf

[D] Football

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