GK Edu Wrap – 13th March 2015


Ques. Which University is ranked at First in World’s Reputation Universities Rankings?

Ans.  Harvard University.

Ques. World’s Kidney Day is observed on?

Ans. 12th March, 2015.

Ques. When the British Irish Visa Scheme came into force in India?

Ans. On 10th February, 2015.


Ques. Which stake of One97 Communications has picked up by Ratan Tata?

Ans. Paytm.

Ques. By which percentage ITC is going to hike the Cigarette Price in India?

Ans. Up to 15%.

Ques. Which two banks agrees for a $1.5 billion currency swap agreement?

Ans. Reserve Bank of India and Sri Lankan Central Bank.

Ques. Which two countries agrees on arms transfer deal?

Ans. Japan and France.


Ques. What is the name of the famous renowned fantasy author and creator of the Discworld series who has passed away on 12th March, 2015?

Ans. Sir Terry Pratchett.

Awards & Recognition

Ques. Who is awarded with KwaZulu-Natal 2015 National Teachers Awards and When?

Ans. Ganasen Reddy at the annual National Teaching Awards held in Johannesburg.

Ques. Which team won the Ranji Trophy (Cricket) in season 2014-15?

Ans. Karnataka for defeating Tamil Nadu by an innings and 217 runs played at the Wankhede stadium in Mumbai.

Science & Technology

Ques. Which web enabled system is launched by Union Ministry of Chemicals & Fertilizers?

Ans.  Pharma Jan Samadhan Scheme.

Quick Wrap



World’s top Reputed Universities Harvard University
World’s Kidney Day 12th March, 2015
British Irish Visa Scheme into Indian Force On 10th Feb, 2015
Stake of One97 Communications picked up by Ratan Tata Paytm
Renowned fantasy author and creator of the Discworld series Sir Terry Pratchett
Winner of KwaZulu-Natal 2015 National Teachers Award Ganasen Reddy
Winner of Ranji Trophy (Cricket) in season 2014-15 Karnataka
Scheme launched by Union Ministry of Chemicals & Fertilizers Pharma Jan Samadhan Scheme
Hike in Cigarette Prices by ITC Up to 15%
Two companies to deal on $1.5 billion currency swap agreement

RBI and Sri Lankan Central Bank

Arm Transfer Deal Between Japan and France

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