GK Eduwrap – 18th March 2016

Eduwrap Daily 18th march


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National – Across the India:


1. Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated World Sufi Forum in New Delhi.

The four-day event is being organized by All India Ulama and Mashaikh Board (AIUMB), the apex body of Sufi Dargahs in India.

More than 200 Indian and International delegates, including Sufi Shuyukh, scholars, academicians, spiritual leaders and masters of Sufism are going to participating at the event.


2. Union Government has launched Depot Online System of state run Food Corporation of India (FCI) to bring transparency and minimize storage losses of food grains.

It was launched by Union Food and public Distribution Minister Ram Vilas Paswan in New Delhi as part of Digital India initiative of Union Government.

It will help real time monitoring of FCI operations and enhance transparency and efficiency.


3. Punjab Government has notified swine flu (H1N1) under the Epidemic Disease Act to prevent the spread of disease in the state.

In the regard, Health and Family Welfare Department of state has issued notification based on recommendations of state advisory committee headed by Dr. D Behera.

Swine fluis a respiratory disease caused by viruses (influenza viruses) that infect the respiratory tract of pigs.



4. The Supreme Court has allowed publication of photographs of Governors, Chief Ministers and the Ministers of the department concerned in government advertisements.

Ruling in this regard was given by a SC bench headed by Justice Ranjan Gogoi on pleas by Union Government and states which had sought review of the Supreme Court judgement.

This ruling of Supreme Court has modified its earlier 2015 order which only had permitted photographs of President, Prime Minister and Chief Justice of India (CJI) in the government advertisements.


Awards & Recognition:


1. Andrew Wiles, a British mathematician was awarded with the prestigious 2016 Abel Prize.

Abel Prize is a Norwegian prize awarded annually to one or more outstanding mathematicians. It is described as the mathematician’s Nobel Prize.

He was selected by the Norwegian Academy of Sciences and Letters for solving a centuries old hypothesis (equation), Fermat’s Last Theorem.

Academy has described his achievement as an epochal moment for mathematics and will be bestowed with this award in May 2016 by the Crown Prince Haakon.



2. Time Magazine has named Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi among the 2016 edition list of 30 most influential people on the internet.

He was placed at 15th position.

The list has been topped by the American hip hop artist and entrepreneur Kanye West.

PM Narendra Modi has more than 18 million Twitter followers and over 32 million Facebook likes to his official page.

He is as an Internet star who often uses social media to conduct diplomacy.


Memorandum of Understanding (MoU):


1. India has signed loan agreement of 35 million dollars with the World Bank for Madhya Pradesh citizen access to responsive services project.

The loan has been sanctioned by the World Bank’s concessionary lending arm International Development Association (IDA).

The project size is 50 million dollars, of which 35 million dollar will be financed by the World Bank and the remaining amount will be funded out of State Budget.

The objective of the project is to improve access and quality of public services in the state through implementation of the Public Service Delivery Guarantee Act, 2010.


Science & Technology:


1. The India Meteorology Department (IMD) has deployed indigenously developed Drishti, an instrument that will provide real time visibility information to pilots. The instrument will help pilots in quick decision-making during critical landings and take-offs of aircraft particularly during foggy or rainy days.

Drishti has been developed by the National Aerospace Laboratories (NAL), Bangalore.

Drishti is a transmissometer that takes in account the real time weather parameters like humidity, wind speed, temperature conditions, etc., along the runway in order to calculate the visibility distance offered at that particular runway.




1. Mossad MeiR, Former Director of Israel’s intelligence agency passed away due to liver cancer. He was 71.

He had served as Director General of the Mossad from 2002 until his retirement in 2011.

He was widely credited for covertly disrupting Iran’s nuclear program.



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