GK Eduwrap – 6th Oct 2015

Questions for Practice:

Ques:1. In how many different ways can the letters of the word ‘CORPORATION’ be arranged so that the vowels always come together?

  1. 810
  2. 1440
  3. 2880
  4. 50400
  5. 5760

Ques:2. In a group of 6 boys and 4 girls, four children are to be selected. In how many different ways can they be selected such that at least one boy should be there?

  1. 159
  2. 194
  3. 205
  4. 209
  5. None of these

Ques:3. The least perfect square, which is divisible by each of 21, 36 and 66 is:

  1. 213444
  2. 214344
  3. 214434
  4. 231444

Ques:4. An accurate clock shows 8 o’clock in the morning. Through how may degrees will the hour hand rotate when the clock shows 2 o’clock in the afternoon?

  1. 144º
  2. 150º
  3. 168º
  4. 180º

In the questions below the sentences have been given in Active/Passive voice. From the given alternatives, choose the one which best expresses the given sentence in Passive/Active voice.

Ques:5. After driving professor Kumar to the museum she dropped him at his hotel.

  1. After being driven to the museum, Professor Kumar was dropped at his hotel.
  2. Professor Kumar was being driven dropped at his hotel.
  3. After she had driven Professor Kumar to the museum she had dropped him at his hotel.
  4. After she was driven Professor Kumar to the museum she had dropped him at his hotel.

Ques:6. I remember my sister taking me to the museum. (Active/Passive Voice)

  1. I remember I was taken to the museum by my sister.
  2. I remember being taken to the museum by my sister.
  3. I remember myself being taken to the museum by my sister.
  4.  I remember taken to the museum by my sister.

Questions on Computer Fundamentals

Ques:7. A computer assisted method for the recording and analyzing of existing or hypothetical systems is

  1. Data transmission
  2. Data flow
  3. Data capture
  4. Data processing
  5. None of the above

Ques:8. The tracks on a disk which can be accessed without repositioning the R/W heads is

  1. Surface
  2. Cylinder
  3. Cluster
  4. All of the above
  5. None of the above

Current Affairs & GK Section


1) The Union Government launched second phase of the immunization program, Mission Indradhanush, focusing on 352 districts.

The second phase of the program aims at achieving more than 90 per cent full immunization in the country by 2020. The mission targets to cover all children below 2 years of age and pregnant women with full immunization against seven vaccine preventable diseases.

2) The state government of Odisha launched a healthcare program named ‘Amo doli program’. The Prime aim behind the program is to help patients and pregnant women from inaccessible areas to reach nearest hospital.

The program was launched in naxal-affected Rayagada district of the state and will benefit people of 183 remote villages to reach the hospital.

Under the Amo Doli program, a stretcher has been designed as a sling to carry patients smoothly and with less effort. Each sling costs around 9000 rupees and the program is being funded under the Integrated Action Plan which is meant for Maoist-affected districts.

3) To reduce input costs for farmers in the Rabi season in view of the Kharif failure, the Telangana Government had announced 50 percent subsidy on purchase of seeds.

The decision was made during the high level review meeting held in Hyderabad. The meeting was held after several farmers committed suicide due to crop failure in Kharif season.

As per the decision, groundnut and Bengal gram seeds will be supplied to farmers at 50 percent subsidy. 

Benefits to farmers as per the decision 
• 30 kilogram bag of groundnut seeds will be sold at 1400 rupees
• 25 kilogram bag of Bengal Gram seeds will be sold at for 800 rupees

4) The book titled Ruled or Misruled: Story and Destiny of Bihar authored by the Assistant Editor of the Indian Express’ Santosh Singh was released in last week of September 2015.The book offers a 360 degree journey of Bihar politics since Independence, especially since the Congress’ downfall in 1990.

An out and out reporter’s book, tells an interesting and tumultuous journey of the post-1990 legends of Bihar politics – Nitish Kumar, Lalu Prasad, Ram Vilas Paswan and Jitan Ram Manjhi with the legendary clash between Nitish Kumar and Narendra Modi – with the untold version on the 2010 dinner cancellation and Nitish’s ambition, providing the third angle.



5) India and Germany signed 18 MoUs in various sector including renewable energy, skill development and culture. The MoUs were signed at the end of third Indo-German Inter-governmental Consultations (ICG) in New Delhi.
The meeting was co-chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and German Chancellor Angela Merkel co-chaired the meeting.

The MoU’s signed are in respective fields of Solar Energy, Skill Development, Security Cooperation, Aviation Security and Higher Education.

Also, important agreements were signed in form of Joint Declaration of Intent (JDI) on Languages, Disaster Management, IGSTC (Indo-German Science and Technology Centre), Railways and Plant Protection Products.

6) Islamic State (IS) militants have blown up the iconic Arch of Triumph in the ancient Syrian city of Palmyra. Arch of Triumph was a centrepiece of the UNESCO world heritage site of ancient ruins of Palmyra. It dated between 193 and 211 AD.

7) Governing Centre Right coalition parties led by Prime Minister Pedro Passos Coelho have won the Portugal’s 2015 general election. In this election the governing coalition has won 99 seats in the 230-seat parliament by securing 39% of votes. However they failed to secure absolute majority in the Parliament.



8) Serbian tennis player Novak Djokovic, with 15,645 points, held on to the top spot in the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) world singles rankings released on Monday.

Djokovic has led the world rankings for 167 weeks, with only three left to equal American legend John McEnroe, who retained the same position for 170 weeks, reports Efe.


Business & Economy

9) According to World Bank Report Projections released by Bank President Jim Yong Kim in Washington, US about 702 million people or 9.6 per cent of the world population will live below the poverty line in 2015 and mostly it will comprise populations from Sub-Saharan Africa and Asia.

Report Findings:

There is continuous decline in extreme poverty as result of dynamic economic growth in developing nations and investment in education and health as well as social safety nets.

There is decline in extreme poverty in Asia (particularly India) and South America. However slowdown in emerging markets worldwide and in Latin America may spurt extreme poverty.

East Asia and Pacific region was mainly focused in this projections but the reliable data was not available in parts of the West Asia and North Africa because of conflict.

10) The Index of Eight Core Industries with base year 2004-05 was released on 30 September 2015 by the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP) under Union Ministry of Commerce and Industry.

As per official figures released on 30 September 2015, growth of eight core sectors grew by 2.6 percent in August 2015, as compared to the August 2014. The combined Index of Eight Core Industries stands at 169.6 in August 2015. Its cumulative growth during April to August, 2015-16 was 2.2 percent.

Awards & Recognition

11) Takaaki Kajita of Japan and Arthur McDonald of Canada won the Nobel Prize in physics on Tuesday for the discovery of neutrino oscillations. The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences said the two researchers had made key contributions to experiments showing that neutrinos change identities.

Neutrinos are particles that whiz through the universe at nearly the speed of light. They are created in nuclear reactions, such as in the sun and the stars, or in nuclear power plants.

12)  Veteran Bollywood actor Shashi Kapoor was honored with the Lifetime Achievement award during the closing ceremony of the 6th Jagran Film Festival in Mumbai.

The 77-year-old actor, who is wheelchair bound, received the award from filmmaker Shyam Benegal.


13) Micro blogging site Twitter has appointed its co-founder and interim chief executive officer (CEO) Jack Dorsey as permanent CEO for second time. He will succeed Dick Costolo who had resigned in June, 2015 after serving to this top post for five years.

Important Dates

14) United Nations (UN) celebrated 5th Oct, 2015 as World Habitat Day.  It is observed on first Monday of October every year to generate awareness about the state of human settlements and the future of cities.

Theme for year 2015:  Public Spaces for All. The theme aims to recognize good public spaces in order to enhance community cohesion and promote happiness, health and well-being of all citizens. It also seeks fostering investment, economic development and environmental sustainability.


15) Renowned and bestselling Swedish crime writer Henning Mankell passed away in Gothenburg, Swedan. He was 67. He was best known for a series of mystery crime novels starring his most noted fictional creation Inspector Kurt Wallander.

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