Google to make Internet a much accessible tool in India’s remotest areas through Project Loon

Google Loon(1)


World’s most efficient and most popular search engine Google is planning to launch its much ambitious project Loon to India.

For this purpose, Google is seeking the permission of Indian government to bring its balloon-powered Internet to India. If the concept of Project Loon is passed by Indian Government, then it could be coming to India at the end of the 2015 or in 2016.

About Project Loon

The aim of Project loon in to make more and more people connected to the Internet in places where Internet access is a distant dream as of now, where people don’t even know about internet. Basically, the project loon will be covering every square inch of planet Earth and make it go online.

Moreover, Internet provided via this Project will also be budget-friendly so that more and more people can have unhindered access.

The project makes use of high-altitude balloons placed in the Earth’s stratosphere at an altitude of approximately 32 km with software algorithms deciding where the balloon needs to go depending on the wind direction. The resultant aerial wireless network is able to provide nearly 3G-like speeds.

Important News

Google is also looking to bring its wind power project to India. This project will be aimed to show the importance of renewable energy is in India.

The company is planning to bring the project that involves an aero plane like kite tethered up to 300 meters in the air with its movement resulting in power production here.

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