How to approach and crack TIFR GS Exam 2015?

Before Exam:

  • As you all know the syllabus is huge so start preparing few months before the exam.
  • Don’t get messed up with the topics out of syllabus. Stick strictly to your subject’s syllabus.
  • Meticulous study is the correct approach that can help you resolve all your doubts and attain lucid perception of various theories, concepts and their uses regarding the syllabus.
  • Try to solve as many as mock test papers & previous year’s papers, especially 1-2 months before the exam, as it will give you a clear idea about the difficulty level, pattern, & how to allot minimum time to solve particular type of questions. This will help you know yourself, your capabilities & the field in which you are lagging.
  • You should give at least 6 to 7 hours daily to your studies.
  • The best way to prepare for the exam is preparing a time table and then sticking to it throughout the preparation tenure.
  • Refer to standard books only, and prepare hand-written notes.
  • Don’t take any stress, eat well & try to sleep at fixed time and for at least 7 to 8 hours a day during your preparation.

During Exam:

  • Always remember “Time is the key to success”. Learn to manage your time. Try to solve a question with maximum speed, allotting a very little time to it.
  • Don’t spend too much time on a particular question, it’s better to move on and solve other questions.
  • Try to attempt section first which you can do very fast.
  • Don’t try to attempt the questions which you don’t know or don’t know to solve. Keep negative marking policy always in your mind.
  • Don’t forget to take proper sleep & rest on previous night of the exam.

Reference Books:


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