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How to be a Great Communicator? Be A Person that Inspires Others!

How to be a Great Communicator


As we grow, we realize that things get tough when we can’t express ourselves in front of others. We realize that we start behaving unusually when we have to tell others that what we feel, what we want to say and what we actually want to do with our lives.


Do you ever realize why this happens? It’s because somewhere you are lacking in communicating well with others.



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When you start expressing, you find yourself confused in organizing your words in a proper flow so that the actual meaning of your thought can be clearly understood by others.


Below in this blog, we are going to analyze this problem deeply and also want to benefit you with the appropriate suggestions and tips that can help you in improving yourself.





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Lets’ start! 



8 Reasons that Make You a Poor Communicator | Which are the Top Signs?



Here I want to ask a question to all the readers!


Whether you are –



A student who is studying in any school, coaching or college. Or a struggler who is fighting for his future goals. Or an employee who is working with a reputed company. Or a business person who has established his own business and seeking to expand his business with positive results. Or just a normal person who spend his maximum time with his closed ones.



Are you able to express yourself well in front of all those people whom you meet daily?



Ask the above question to yourself! 



Reasons of Poor Communication



Below, we have come up with the Top 8 Reasons that makes you a Poor Communicator.

Analyze it carefully and test where you are lacking in healthy communication.



 Lack of Confidence 


When your confidence is low, you often find it hard to communicate with people and prove your point. You start thinking about people’s views about yourself and this thing bothers you a lot.

You get easily worried about what people will say and how they will react when you’ll put your thoughts and views in front of them. So all these things running through your mind stops you from communicating well with others.


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 Poor English Skills


Usually, at schools, colleges or workplaces, people tend to communicate with each other in English only. In such situation, the person having poor English knowledge lack in maintaining a good communication with others. They start keeping their ideas to themselves and this often causes degradation or demotion in their studies or work areas.


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 Less Interaction with Others


Your reserved nature may also be a reason for poor communication with others. Some people find it good to stay alone or to stay only with people of their choice and they avoid talking with others. So, this may generate a communication gap between them and other people.



 One Way Communication


Mostly when you share out your ideas and plans with others, they don’t respond you in a proper manner. This may happen due to following reasons –


Physical Separation or Distances (like you are communicating with a person who is sitting far away from you, so, in that case, you won’t be able to make them understand your point by self-explanations.)

Lack of Communication Mediums like – Poor Internet Connection or Networks

Lack of Understanding

Listening Less and Talking Much etc.



So, these things create a weak communication path between you and that person and you face difficulties while communicating your thoughts.



 Inferiority Complex


Inferiority Complex arises when you start comparing yourself with others and in such situation you may face different types of feelings.


Like, you start considering yourself less capable maybe in the terms of status or brilliancy or position (superiority complex) or Cultural Differences may also cause inferiority complex. For an example, if a person who belongs to China won’t be able to understand Indian culture feel neglected in such situation. So this may create an inferiority complex in him.


Inferiority complex always develops when we feel less capable than the other person.


This creates an ego line between you and the other person and often lead to lack of communication.



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 Fear of Public Speaking


Fear of public speaking is the most common of all phobias.


The person becomes anxious and concerned while performing or speaking in front of the crowd. He falls into nervousness and forgets everything that he has to do or say over there.


Due to this fear, they start avoiding such situation and this causes poor communication.



 Poor Listening


Losing your temper very easily and getting rude and arrogant with others may lead to create an unfilled gap with others.


Due to your impatience behavior, while listening, you start over-reacting on things and fail to understand the actual meaning of others sayings.



 Gender Differences


In our daily lives, we have to communicate with the people of our opposite genders.


Sometimes, the conversation running between a man and a woman can turn into quite comical and interesting but on the other hand, it may be the reason of huge misunderstandings and disputes.


The main reason behind this communication gap is that men and women have different styles of communication. Their thought process is also different.


As per the research data, women are more emotional than men so they relate everything with emotional concerns and men don’t always do this. So, in such situations, it gets really difficult for them to maintain a great understanding level with each other.



So, these were the major reasons why people can’t communicate comfortably with others.

As per the survey stats, there are more than 75% people who face problems while communicating with others.

And if we talk about students who are moving towards fulfilling their future endeavors, then good communication is a ‘must have skill’ for them.




Why must one have Good Communication Skills? Know its Importance!



Whether you are going to a social gathering or in a business meeting or for a college presentation, you need to express yourself very well in front all the persons you’re going to meet there. So it is very important that you communicate in a very good manner with them.


You must have also heard that ‘You Never Get a Second Chance to Make a First Impression – Matt Lauer’, so utilize the opportunity to freely express the real you!


Below, I’m going to present more benefits of having good communication skills.



Being a Powerful Communicator -


Creates a positive impact on others.


Increases the chances of winning the group discussion rounds or interview sessions.


Generates stronger decision-making and problem-solving abilities.


Improves productivity.


Boost up your capabilities of dealing with people and convincing them.


Enhances your reputation and presents you as an inspirational person.


Grabs peoples’ attention.


Facilitates innovation.


Ensures healthy relations with others.


Makes you a self-confident and self-motivated person.


Makes you an effective listener and a great advisor.


Spreads positivity all around etc.



So, above we have stated all the benefits that you can have while having great communication skills. So, start developing this wonderful trait in you.


To making it easier for you to become a Great Communicator, I’m providing the simplest ways to develop this essential skill in you.


Please have a look below and take chances to improve yourself! 




8 Sure-Shot Ways to Boost Up Your Communication Skills - Express Yourself Well!



Let’s proceed towards becoming a better person! 


Below I’m sharing some effective mantras to make you successful while developing the communication skills in you. Follow them and improve yourself each day.



Have Faith in Your Ideas and Thoughts! 


Believing in yourself, in your ideas, in your work, this seems simple for those who actually have a strong belief in their decisions. Do you believe in yourself? It’s not as easy as planting a tree and then just sitting around waiting for the fruits to reap. You have to make constant efforts before you sit and enjoy the fruits. You need to give the necessary pesticides and insecticides, protect your plants from extreme weather conditions.


You just can’t sit relaxed by reading that you have to believe your inner self. You have to put efforts for it daily. Nobody other than you can make efforts for this.


So make sure that what you are going to say is correct and then keep moving ahead and never stop again.


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Be Clear for What You’re Going to Express! 


For expressing yourself in front of others, you need to first acknowledge what you actually want to say. It’s better to keep it short and sweet rather than making long stories to convey your actual message.


Then, arrange your words properly in a sentence and speak them out. Make Sure you’re not saying anything which can’t be understood by others.


Be Straightforward and Be Expressive! 





Focus on Your Body Language! [Keep Smiling] 


Body language comprises gesture, stance, and facial expression. So it is very important to keep a positive body language while talking with others as half of your impact depends on your body language.


You probably may express clearly through your words but sometimes your gestures convey the wrong message. Always keep smiling because it develops your positive image in the eyes of others.






Communicate with the Language you are Comfortable in! 


It’s not necessary that you have to always communicate in English only. If you are not good at it, you can speak in your preferable language whether it is Hindi or any other language.


The thing which is important is how well you can communicate with others, so it doesn’t matter which language you are choosing to express.






Think Positive and Stay Motivated! 


Getting worried about other’s reaction on your ideas may affect your confidence level, but does this really matter what people think about you?


If you’re sure about your ideas and thoughts, then other’s opinions about you should not affect your mind set.


Try to stay positive by creating exciting goals that you aim to reach in the future. Utilize this precious moment in executing your ideas rather than getting worried about others.


Stay Positive and Stay Motivated! One day you’ll definitely reach your goals. 





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Put Valid Reasons to Make Your Audience Convinced! 


At Schools, Colleges and Workplaces, you have to present your ideas in a justified manner. The ideas you’re going to present in front of all your mates or seniors should be valid and authentic.


And you have to tell interesting stories or put some great examples to make your audience fully convinced with your thoughts. So be confident about what you are going to say and get prepared to be justified with clear reasons.






Develop a Better Understanding with Others! 


Communication is not only about expressing yourself but also listening to others as well. There should always be a 2-way communication, understanding should come from both ways. Listening and understanding should be there from the speaker and listener, as the roles interchange.


Listen to them very calmly, understand what they want to say and then put your suggestions (if required) or discuss it with them.






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Stay Polite and Avoid Arguments! 


This is the most courteous way to communicate with people. Instead of getting offensive without knowing the complete matter; analyze the whole scenario and then react.


If you are not liking anything, try to avoid the conversation or simply tell them that you will talk about it later. This way you can control your anger and avoid arguments.


Always remember that your manners are your beauty! 






Above, we have tried to sum up all the necessary facts related to communication.  But if you want to share any of your stories or experience with us, please post them in the comment section below. Maybe you can share out something inspirational to us!


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