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February 22, 2019 • 11:07 am

How to Enhance Your Learning Skills?

How to enhance your learning skills(1)

This blog is mainly targeted to students as many of them face difficulties in remembering what they have learned or read. They don’t know how to memorize things and sometimes learning something new becomes a monotonous activity.


The best solution of the above problem is to make learning more interesting for them. Learning is a skill and it can be improved. The only need is to identify your own learning style and methods. Here are some tips that can help you to maximize your learning skills, and you will start learning more smartly, more effectively-


1. Prepare a schedule

The first ‘must do’ thing is to prepare a systematic schedule before start studying. Check the exam time table and mark your dates on calendar and prepare a schedule to cover your syllabus.

Select your daily task and divide it in small study tasks. Set deadline for each section and study accordingly.


2. Read with concentration

Don’t let yourself distracted by anything. Search for a calm place and study with concentration. Switch off mobile phones, keep yourself away from social networking as it distracts a lot and avoid meeting with friends unnecessarily.


3. Create an Image in Your Mind

Draw a picture in your mind of what you are reading; this will help you to recall it in exam. This is called mind mapping. This helps you to unleash your brain creativity so that you can generate more ideas and find deeper meaning of what you are learning. It’s very interesting technique to organize your thoughts and learn in a different way.


4. Speak it out loud

Sometimes this is a best technique to remember things. Say it loud!

Search for a calm place to study and try to read loudly because speaking out loud improves memory retention. 


5. Try to learn through diagrams and flowcharts

This can also be called “visual learning”. Diagrams and flowcharts may really help you to revise things quickly as pictorial representation helps our minds to remember things more effectively. So try to learn by summarizing overall theory in the form of diagram or flowcharts.


6. Revise after reading each topic

Whenever you complete a topic, revise it hand to hand just to refine what you have read. Revision is important otherwise you will start forgetting things. Make your revision strategies which are suitable to you and revise accordingly.


7. Take breaks 

Continuous study can make you forget everything you’ve learned, so take breaks after completing a topic or chapter. It’s an exercise for brain. In this time intervals try to entertain yourself to refresh your mind.


8. Prepare Quick Notes

Prepare quick notes while reading. These notes will really help you to revise effectively. Divide a topic in points and sub points and mention only important things in these notes.


Everyone has the opportunity to develop their memory and learning ability. Identify your own learning style and the methods that work best for you.





Hope above mentioned tips will help you to develop your learning skills. :)



Happy Learning! :)