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5 Quick Tips to Stay Motivated During Exams | Explore Success Mantras

How to Stay Motivated During Exams



Preparing for an exam is always a stressful time for the aspirants. Exam increases rational exhaustion and nervousness in candidates. However, that doesn’t mean that you need to pull out all of your determination. There are several methods for streamlining your progress.


The ability to get motivated for study is one of the important thing which can help an aspirant for improving the study level and grades.


A positive and motivated aspirant can perform hundred times better than a nervous and feared student.


Here we are sharing an article on ‘How to Stay Motivated during Exams?’ to help the students in improving their chances of achieving success.




Why is Exam Motivation Important?



Anyone who has ever had a goal probably understands that having the desire to achieve something is not enough. One of the major factors to get succeed is Motivation to study for exams.


The aspirants often feel demotivated when they get disappointment while trying to maintain a balance between study and exams. Motivation is the thing that can give you a push to deal with such type of situations.



You can realise the power of Exam Motivation from these following points:



Motivation can be the strongest pillar of your success.

 Motivation leads you to put your efforts in the right direction.

 It increases your determination to study.

 It helps to increase your intellectual ability.

 It fuels your brain with positivity.

 It boosts up your self-confidence.

 Motivation helps to take control on your negative thoughts.




Eventually, Motivation increases the efficiency and helps to get the best outputs. Below we are sharing some tips through which you can know to stay motivated to study for exams!




1. Manage a ‘To Do List’ – A Wonderful Way to Succeed!


Handling a to-do list can be a great ‘Backup’ to get quick details about your performance level. Some students think that making a to-do list is a complete waste of time but when you study with the help of a perfectly managed to-do list, you find yourself far less stressed with a load of exams.


With the help of this list, you can be strategic about what gets left behind and what should be your next target.


One thing you should remember when creating your to-do list is to place the toughest topic at the beginning of your day and place the easier one at the end of the day. Doing this will help you to calm down your anxiety.


Aspirants can slowly ease in the subjects by simply following their to-do list on a regular basis.








2. Exercise Daily – The Biggest Asset to Boost Motivation!


Work out is an excellent way to enhance your motivation to study for exams.


You might be thinking that how a person can be motivated by working out! So, let’s find out the real fact which keeps you motivated with the help of exercise.


Many studies have proven that a person who exercises regularly has a positive attitude and lower rate of depression and stress.







When you exercise, your body will release a chemical called ‘endorphins’ which helps to reduce your stress and triggers a positive feeling in your body.


Aspirants who are going to appear in the examination must do exercise to take following benefits:


Boosted Self-Confidence

 Reduced Stress

 Better Sleep

 Depleted Anxiety and Depression

So, if you want to get focused during your exams, start doing exercise regularly.




3. Keep Away the Negative Thoughts!


If you are thinking that you are the only person who gets overwhelmed by negative thoughts while preparing for the exam, then you are wrong. Every single student thinks the same.


It’s a natural thing which only comes when you feel depressed or nervous.







Negative thinking can affect your concentration and reduce your tendency to perform well in study as well as in exams.


Following are the tips you must use to avoid negative thinking during exams:



There is always a certain pattern of negative thinking in every individual. Try to find out the nature of your negative thinking.


 After doing this, start observing your thoughts consciously and this can only be done with the help of meditation.


 Balance your everyday activity by spending enough time on study and other activities like playing games, hanging out with friends etc. It will help you to avoid imminent of negative thoughts in your mind.


 Try to be focused in everything you do throughout the entire day.




4. Do What Works the Best for You! Finding Study Buddy or Study Alone!


Having best approach is one of the most effective deeds for a successful study. Create a happy and calm environment while you are studying. Doing this can help you to avoid unnecessary pressure, strain and other issues that trigger in your mind while studying.


A good study buddy is a person who will help you during your exam preparations. So, try to study with your friend or create a study group. Do whatever suits best on you.







5. Reward Yourself – A Secret Mantra to Enhance Exam Motivation!


Want to know how to stay motivated to study? Read below!


Sometimes, the best motivation is the reward that you give yourself when you achieve something.






Set some short-term goals and whenever you achieve them, give yourself a reward. It’s the essential thing to keep yourself motivated.


Having a break to relax is important for attaining a positive outlook. Gratification ensures a positive effect on your motivation to study for exams.


We know it’s difficult for stepping away long enough from the things we love! That’s why it turns out to be essential to keep rewarding yourself. It causes positive emotions, initializes a feeling that an effort results in a positive reward.


Chosen reward must be specific and attractive to your situation.


Here are some ideas for the rewards you can yield:


Meal at restaurant Watching a Movie Attending an Event Going for a Photo-shoot Playing Musical Instrument



So, will you go for it or let things just stay the same? The choice is yours!


These are the tricks that you can use to stay motivated during your exams. I hope you liked the article. Share your experience of reading and give us feedback about the article.



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