IIM Kozhikode student grabs Rs. 43 lakh global offer

IIM-Kozhikode‘Offer in hand; out of the process’ has been the norm at the IIM Kozhikode placements so far.  As per this provision, students are allowed to choose a dream company before the start of the placements. Those who have received pre-placement offers (PPOs) are not eligible for the dream offer provision.

The aim being to introduce it in a staggered manner — but these students, along with the rest of the batch, are eligible for ‘open’ companies that are designated so by the faculty placements committee.

The average package at the institute is Rs 14.92 lakh, as compared to Rs 13.7 lakh last year. The top 50 students in the 347-strong batch have bagged an average salary of Rs 21.89 lakh, while for the top 100, the corresponding figure is Rs 19.7 lakh.

The institute has just wrapped up its final placements with a top international offer of Rs 43 lakh made by a conglomerate – a 30% increase over last year -and a top domestic offer of Rs 29.5 lakh by an e-commerce firm.

There has been a 13% increase in the number of offers per recruiter.

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