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IIT JAM Previous Question Paper with Solution Free PDF (2020 to 2015)

IIT JAM previous year question papers with solution

Students who are preparing for JAM 2021 Exam must be looking for the IIT JAM Previous Year Question Papers to boost up their preparation.

Solving the last years' question papers can help you understand the difficulty level of the paper, type of questions asked in the exam, analyze your performance, etc.

IIT JAM 2020 Question papers have been released by the officials. At Eduncle, we are providing previous years’ papers along with the answer keys.

In this blog, you will also find the importance of solving them.

Here are the topics covered in this article: -

Importance of Solving IIT JAM Question Papers

IIT JAM Question Papers (Last 5 Years)

Most Asked Topics from Last Year Question Papers

What else you can get at Eduncle?

Frequently Asked Questions



Download Free PDF of IIT JAM Mock Test Papers for All subjects to boost your speed and accuracy.



Importance of IIT JAM Question Papers


It is experienced by many toppers that using previous year question papers helps immensely in preparation for the exam.

The top reasons of solving the IIT JAM Previous Years’ Papers are –

To know the topics which are important and asked repeatedly in the exam.

To analyze the difficulty level of the paper.

To evaluate your preparation level and get an idea of your strengths and weaknesses.

Retaining & revising what you have learned by solving these papers.

To improve your performance in IIT JAM Exam.



IIT JAM Previous Years’ Question Papers – Download Free PDF for All Subjects


The organizing institute has released the JAM 2020 question papers with their response sheet.

Eduncle makes it available for all the students to download IIT JAM Question Papers for 2020 and the last 5 years. Below we have provided the link to download them for all subjects.

Download the Joint Admission Test Question Papers for the last 5 years from the table given below: -



You can download the answer key for these question papers here – IIT JAM Answer Keys



Download Free PDF of IIT JAM Syllabus and start your exam preparation in the right way.



Most Asked Topics from Joint Admission Test Last Year Question Papers


According to the last few years’ analysis, Eduncle’s Experts have listed the most important topics asked in IIT JAM Previous Years’ Question Papers. Mark these topics and prioritize them in your study plan.



List of Important Topics Asked in IIT JAM Physics Previous Year Question Papers


As per the IIT JAM Physics Papers, below are the important topics and unit-wise marks distribution for Physics subject.



Marks Distribution

Mechanics and General Property of Matter

22 Marks

Solid State Physics and Devices and Electronics

18 Marks

Electricity and Magnetism

14 Marks

Oscillations, Waves, and Optics

13 Marks

Mathematical Physics

12 Marks

Kinetic Theory, Thermodynamics

12 Marks

Modern Physics

9 Marks



Download IIT JAM Physics Question Paper with Solution PDF



List of JAM Chemistry Important Topics


Note down the important topics for all the three sections (Organic + Inorganic + Physical). The marking weightage is based on last years’ IIT JAM Chemistry Question Papers.


Organic Chemistry


Inorganic Chemistry


Physical Chemistry


Basic Concept in Organic Chemistry and Stereochemistry

13 Marks

Transition Metals (d-blocks)

9 Marks

Chemical Thermodynamics

6 Marks

Organic Reaction Mechanism and Synthetic Applications

12 Marks

Chemical Bonding and Shapes of Compounds

6 Marks


5 Marks

Qualitative Organic Analysis /Spectroscopy

5 Marks

Analytical Chemistry

5 Marks

Basic Mathematical Concepts

5 Marks

Natural Products Chemistry

5 Marks

Main Group Elements (s and p blocks)

4 Marks

Atomic and Molecular Structure

4 Marks




Heterocyclic Chemistry




1 Mark

Instrumental Methods of Analysis

3 Marks

Theory of gases

3 Marks


1 Mark

Chemical and Phase Equilibria

3 Marks

Bioinorganic Chemistry

1 Mark

Chemical Kinetics

3 Marks


Periodic Table


1 Mark

Solution & Colligative Properties

3 Marks

Solid State

2 Marks



Download IIT JAM Chemistry Question Paper with Solution PDF



List of Important Topics From IIT JAM Mathematics Question Papers


Start your preparation with IIT JAM Mathematics Solved Question Papers and important units/ topics. Check out the list below.



Avg. Marks Distribution

Differential Calculus

23 Marks

Linear Algebra

13 Marks

Sequence and Series

12 Marks

Differential Equation

12 Marks

Integral Calculus

11 Marks

Group Theory

11 Marks

Vector Calculus

10 Marks

Real Analysis

8 Marks



Download IIT JAM Mathematics Question Paper with Solution PDF



List of Important Topics Asked in IIT JAM Mathematical Statistics Question Papers


The syllabus of JAM Mathematical Statistics is divided into two sections- 40% Mathematics and 60% Statistics.  To score better we have provided the unit wise weightage of the syllabus.



Marks Distribution

Random Variable

20 Marks


15 Marks

Differential Calculus

13 Marks


10 Marks

Sequences and Series

10 Marks


8 Marks

Testing of Hypotheses

8 Marks

Joint Distribution

7 Marks

Standard Distribution

5 Marks

Limit Theorems

4 Marks



Download IIT JAM Statistics Question Paper with Solution PDF



List of IIT JAM Geology Question Papers Important Topics


IIT JAM Geology was introduced in the year 2014. We have listed unit-wise weightage of all the topics so that you can focus on the topics with higher scores first.



Marks Distribution


20 Marks


19 Marks

The Planet Earth

19 Marks

Structural Geology

17 Marks


9 Marks


7 Marks

Applied Geology

5 Marks


2 Marks

Economic Geology

2 Marks



Download IIT JAM Geology Question Paper with Solution PDF



List of Important Topics for IIT JAM Biotechnology with Mark Distribution


Find out the list of most asked topics in IIT JAM Last Year Question Paper in Biotechnology.



Percentage-wise Marks Distribution











IIT JAM Previous Years Question Paper for Biotechnology



What Else You Can Get at Eduncle?


To score well in the exam you are required to get expertise in your chosen subject. For this, you should solve model test papers, sample question papers, etc. for better JAM Exam Preparation.

Here you can check what Eduncle is providing for a better preparation –




Frequently Asked Questions for Joint Admission Test


Here are some of the most asked queries of the students regarding the JAM paper:



Q.1) Do questions get repeated in IIT JAM Exam?

If you solve JAM Previous year question papers, then you will find that the questions may or may not get repeated. But most of the questions are asked on the same pattern/concept repeatedly.



Q.2) How IIT JAM paper is conducted? Is it in online or offline mode?

JAM paper is conducted in online mode only. Hence, a candidate must practice with online mock tests before appearing in the exam.

Try to solve as many as IIT JAM mock test papers & previous question papers, especially 1-2 months before the exam, as it will give you a clear idea about the difficulty level, pattern, & how to allot minimum time to solve a particular type of questions. This will help you know yourself, your capabilities & the field in which you are lagging. 



Q.3) Who sets IIT JAM Exam Question Paper?

IIT JAM Question Paper is set by the Faculty of IIT institutes of the concerned departments. Like, the Department of Physics is responsible for IIT JAM Physics question paper, and similarly for other subjects, their respective departments draft the paper. The right to set and distribute these question papers relies on the examination conducting official authority, i.e., IITs.



Q.4) How was the Last year IIT JAM Paper?

The JAM 2020 Exam was a moderate level. You can check the complete IIT JAM Exam Review here.



Q.5) Can you predict this year’s IIT JAM questions?

As we mentioned earlier, IIT JAM Question papers are set by IITs and hence it is hard to predict the questions.

Everyone makes their calculative guesses. The questions are strictly asked from the topics of IIT JAM Syllabus.



Download IIT JAM Study Material for All subjects to boost up your learning for the exam.



Download the question papers and practice as many mock tests as possible to boost your score in the exam. Along with them, you should also solve sample papers, model papers to boost your speed and accuracy for the exam.

We hope the above information will be helpful for you. If you have any query then share with us through the comment box below. We will solve them as soon as possible.


Thank You!!



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  • Divina
    Sir I got 446 rank in iit jam chemistry 2018 under general category. What are my chances of getting iit? Plz reply..
    Hello Divina,   446 is a decent rank for IIT JAM Paper Chemistry. You can apply for desired IITs.   Thanks for asking!   Kind Regards, Eduncle Team
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    what is chances with 70 score in iit jam 2018 chemistry for iit or nit?
    Hello,   You can expect IITs and NITs both with this score.   Thanks for asking!   Kind Regards, Eduncle Team
  • Jhumar
    Sir what will be my rank with score of 27 marks in IIT jam mathematics 2018? And can I expect nits with this score ?
    Hello Jhumar,   On the basis of last year's result, you can get a rank between 500-700.   Thanks for asking!   Kind Regards, Eduncle Team
  • Ankush kumar
    what is chances with 54.67 score in iit jam 2018 chemistry for iit or nit .
    Hello,   with this score, IITs and NITs both will be accepting the admission application of a candidate.   Thanks for asking!   Kind Regards, Eduncle Team
  • Suman das
    Hello sir... I got 30.10 marks (mathematics) and air is 858 for SC category of iit jam..... So... Can I get admission for 1st admission list...... Pls help me sir
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    Hello eduncle I need solution of iit jam 2017 physics paper. Kindly provide me.
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  • Urvashi
    What are the reference books for the Chemistry - IIT JAM exam?
    Hello Urvashi,
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    IIT JAM Chemistry best books suggested by the topper - Amardeep Kumar Rank 1 in IIT JAM 2018
    Jonathan Clayden, Organic Chemist...
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    And sir I m from obc category
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