IIT Kanpur to inaugurate PG and PhD courses in Cognitive Science

IIT Kanpur CoursesIIT Kanpur has announced to also initiate the Post Graduate and doctoral courses in the area of Cognitive Science from the next academic session i.e. 2016-17. The idea of starting these courses is to make students experts in the cognitive science field only by studying it and doing research in it.

With the starting of these courses, IIT Kanpur would become second among the IITs to run a full scale program on cognitive science. At present only IIT Gandhinagar conducts such programs in cognitive science.

As per the latest news, the proposal to start the course has been mooted and will be put in front of the education policy committee and the senate of IIT-Kanpur. In the beginning there may be 15 seats in the postgraduate course and 10 seats in the Phd program.

In future depending upon the interest shown by the students, the number of seats in both the courses could be increased.
Prof Harish Karnick of computer science and engineering department at IITK informed that there is a proposal to start the course in cognitive science to enable students to gain expertise on different types of human behavior and why these are caused.

On being asked what is cognitive science Prof Karnick replied that study of human behavior and what causes it is called cognitive science and added that it involves study of relationship between brain and mind and everything to do with environmental influences.

“Herein we study human behavior such as emotions, attention, action, memory, decision making, perception and consciousness”, informed he further.

He also mentioned that at present cognitive science is an elective and not a regular course for the students at the institute.

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