69 years of Freedom, 69 years of getting Independence. But we still our slaves to many curses!

independence-Day15th August, Every Indian recalls this day as the Independence Day, the day we got our Freedom, the day we got our country our INDIA free from the British Raj. After being ruled for almost 200 years, true and hard efforts of hundreds and thousands of freedom fighter’s resulted in making India a Sovereign Socialist Democratic Republic.

Yes this day every true Indian should realize the worth this day holds. As we weren’t made Independent then we would be some British governed territory. Though there are thousands of published material describing our Independence Day’s worthiness and how we achieved it. My sincere regards to those who’s consciously vested efforts have made the youth of today aware of the greatness of this day.

But I would like to pen down few major points which we as Indians should pay attention to as to have we achieved our Independence in true regards? Do we really appreciate the worthiness this day brings to us, to our lives for being an Indian National who in every moral sense feels Independent?

My first grave concern is towards the society which even after so many social-political moves towards Indian Women rather I should say towards the female gender have the typical taboo that this section of the society is weaker. I would put my question in double quotes “WHY”?

Why still we can’t actually lower down the number of rape cases in urban and rural areas. Why we still believe that women can’t wear short dresses? Why still after so many initiatives to save the girl child the girl foetus is killed?

Why any other outer force can very easily break our Unity in the names of religion, our belief in the name of so called religious ‘Gurus’.

Why India is targeted quickly for communal riots, terrorism?

Why we still have Child Labor even after so many strict norms by the government towards abolition of Child Labor?

Why do we still have millions of Indian youth unemployed and increasing BPL families?

India known as the agriculture dominated country still has the highest number of suicidal cases by farmers?

Why these Indian politicians have made the parliament there own houses where they fight for not the benefit of the people but for proving that they are right and the opposition is unfair?

Why a common man has the fear of travelling with his family and loved ones every time Independence Day or Republic Day is near to celebrate? The fear that it won’t be safe or he won’t return back safely.

The answer lies in the mere fact that the change is not to be done by any other but by us as we still haven’t understood the meaning of getting Independence. Just give 10 minutes of thought on this blog and we can better analyze the answer is with us.

Eduncle.com salutes all those great warriors who have made their contribution towards the freedom fight and giving us the amazing freedom to spend our lives in an Independent India. Jai Hind!

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