Initiation of Fast track B. Tech Programs by IIT Bombay

IIT Bombay Fast Track ProgramValuing time has always benefitted students. IIT Bombay is going to offer fast track program for B. Tech. courses offered by them.

According to this Fast Track B. Tech. program, students may complete their 4 years B. Tech. program in 3 and half years. It will be optional to opt this program in which students will be able to complete B. Tech. in 3 and half years.

The director of IIT-Bombay, Devang Khakhar said “In the final semester, students are free to opt for internships, start work on their entrepreneurial venture or spend a semester abroad at any institute as an exchange student. They will be free to opt for anything. The finer details of the plan are yet to be worked out. The provision is applicable to students from the current batch itself, so they can start accumulating credits from the next academic year,”

This will help students to get placed early as they will be marked eligible for the recruitment process which is held in the month of December.


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After completing 3 and half years of B. Tech Fast Track program students may leave the institute with their provisional marks and original degree will be provided at the time of convocation.

IIT Kharagpur have also taken initiative towards this program. IIT Kharagpur may implement this program from session 2017.

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