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February 22, 2019 • 10:25 am

Just a Single Minute can Change your Life | How to Optimize your Time?

Time is precious

Time doesn’t wait for anyone and things change with the time – The experience that everyone has!

At some points, many of us regret for not making right use of time. Time passes continuously, but that doesn’t mean, our life is changing within every single minute. All I want to say is that just make the right uses of every single minute because later, this will surely make some positive impacts on your life.

Why it is important to make a best use of your time?

Everyone has a different life, their work areas are different, there way of handling things are different but the benefits of time optimization are same for everyone.

Here are few reasons why time optimization is important-

  • Wise time optimization helps you to set your priorities.
  • It can help you to find time for your desires.
  • Efficient scheduling will take you closer to your goals.
  • Working for long hours reduces your energy but a methodical approach of time optimization may help you save your energy.
  • Good time optimization keeps you stress free as you do things on time.
  • You will get more work done in less time.
  • Time management creates a discipline.

How to Optimize Your Time?

You have as much as time as everyone else. Now it’s up to you, what you do with it and how you use it.

I am sharing some tips here; you may follow if you find worth-

1.  Prioritize Your Work

First of all, set priorities for each task you are going to do today. This will reduce the confusion of what to do at first and what at last and you will be prepared for each task.

It also helps in saving time and energy.

2.  Create a Plan

Planning is necessary to execute any task. Plan in a systematic way-

  • Establish specific goals on daily basis that will help you to achieve your target. Setting goals may be very effective at raising your self-confidence.
  • Structure your day according to your goals.

# Tip - Don’t plan excessively.

3.  Set a Deadline for Each Task

Analyse your task and assign a time limit to yourself. This is the way of scheduling your daily tasks. Divide your time in between all the tasks you have to do today and start accordingly.

# Tip – Don’t panic if you couldn't complete your work in given deadline. Adjust your time according to your strengths.

4.  Spend Right Activities on Right Task

Be selective for activities that will be used to complete your task. Selection of right methods and procedures for implementing the task is very important because this may waste your precious time if used in a wrong way.

#Tip- It’s okay if the method you chose went wrong start it again with different style.

5.  Utilize Free Time

Optimize every single moment of your day. Like instead of wasting your time by doing nothing, utilize it in another tasks so that you can complete your whole activities in less time.

# Tip – Don’t forget to take rest.

If you really want to achieve something, optimize your time as much as you can.  Don’t act lazy and follow your schedule regularly and sooner you will get something what you have desired once.