Kolkata, the first Indian metro city to experience 4G Wi-Fi services

Kolkata - First Wi-fi enabled city in India

Quick Facts

Ques: Which is the first Wi-Fi enabled city in India?

Ans: Kolkata

Ques: Who launched the 4th Generation free Wi-Fi Service in Kolkata?

Ans: Mamta Banerjee

Ques: Which operator is providing Wi-Fi service in Kolkata?

Ans: Reliance Jio.

Ques: Who is the Chief Minister of West Bengal?

Ans: Mamta Banerjee.

Ques: Which is the capital of West Bengal?

Ans: Kolkata.


The West Bengal capital Kolkata has become India’s first Wi-Fi-enabled metro city. Mamta Banerjee, The chief Minister of Bengal launched the service from Park Street in City.

As per the reports, Reliance Jio, a private telecom operator is providing this 4G service to Kolkata.

More News about 4G Services in Kolkata City

4G Wi-Fi services have been launched at Park Street in Kolkata City and the whole city will be under Wi-Fi coverage from April, 2015.

This free Wi-Fi service will be will be rolled out in phased manner in all the wards under Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) as well as adjacent areas of Kolkata.

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