KPMG acquires Indian arm of Spanish boutique advisory firm AF-Mercados

AF-MercadosOne of the big four consultancies globally KPMG, has acquired the Indian arm of Spanish boutique advisory firm AF-Mercados.

The acquisition is aimed at entering the consultancy vertical in the energy sector and comes at a time when the big four – KPMG, EY, Deloitte and PwC – are betting big on India, expecting huge growth in the next decade.

The acquisition is structured in a way that the brand – Mercados – would continue to be the Spanish firm, while KPMG would acquire its India capabilities. In other words, KPMG would have the right over all the ongoing contracts of the company in India and some of the solutions that Mercados offers.

This is besides the 25-member team, which mainly includes Ph.D, that has come on the board of KPMG India. Untill now, no other manor consultancy has any presence in the services that Mercados offers in the country.

Industry trackers say that the India team of Mercados offered some predictive solutions to one of the biggest players in the Indian power sector on how much electricity they would need in the coming year. Some of the biggest clients in the oil and petroleum sector in India as well as in West Asia are clients of Mercados.

Mercados is present in India since 2004 and mainly offers services like market analysis, forecasting, investment evaluation and asset development, market design, and power market modeling.

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