Narendra Modi sworn in as Vice Chancellor of Visva Bharati University

Narendra Modi-sworn-in-as-Vice-Chancellor-of-visva UniversityNews

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has designated as the new chancellor of Visva Bharati University for the next three years.

Earlier, former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh was the chancellor of this University, now PM Narendra Modi replaces him.

The executive council of the university had passed a resolution in July last year to make Modi as the chancellor and had sent the resolution to the HRD Ministry.

Modi’s appointment comes at a time when the varsity’s Vice Chancellor is facing probe of financial and administrative irregularities.

Visva-Bharati was declared a central university and an institution of national importance by an Act of Parliament in 1951.

It is the only central varsity which has the Prime Minister as its chancellor.

While President of India is the Paridarsaka (Visitor) of the University, the West Bengal Governor is the Pradhana (Rector), and the Prime Minister the Acharya (Chancellor). The President of India appoints the Upacharya (Vice-Chancellor) of the University.

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