NET/SLET will be mandatory for Assistant Professorship or Lectureship

NET-SLET qualification mandatory


The Supreme Court has declared that NET or SLET will be mandatory for the aspirants who are seeking jobs as assistant professors and lecturers. As per the new rule announced by Supreme Court, academies will only recruit the NET or SLET qualified candidates for the post of Assistant Professors or Lecturers.

The decision was taken to make students serious about NET/SLET and the universities will also have well qualified and brilliant assistant professors or lecturers to teach students.

The regulations say that a candidate with a master’s degree who has passed NET or SLET exam would qualify for interview to the post of assistant professor. However, candidates with PhD would be exempted from NET or SLET.

A professor of an arts and science college said, “If you look at the passing percentage of NET, especially in mathematics and science subjects, it is low. While it will take some time to improve, it is a good decision in the long run. Universities and colleges may find it difficult in the initial stages to recruit good faculty.”

S Swaminathan, president of NET SLET Association, said, “The number of people who have passed NET and SLET are few, but even these have not been hired by government and government aided institutions.”


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