New Education Policy (NEP) to get triggered on 26th Jan, 2015



The Government is going to initiate a new education policy (NEP) on 26th Jan, 2015.

This education policy will consist the feedbacks from every village in the country and this is mainly aimed on fulfilling the demands of public and their requirements in education field.

The idea of releasing a new policy has underwent months of brainstorming in the HRD ministry and many other autonomous bodies.

As per the planning, the process will go through a particular strategy. First the discussion will begin at the village level, then to the block level and then to districts and finally at the state level. Each state would be responsible to collate and bring out the larger issues brought at each level. Final discussions would take place at the Centre.

To facilitate the discussion at each level, the government has shortlisted 32 themes and expects broad parameters of the new policy will emerge around them.

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