List of Nobel Prize Winners and Laureates Across the Globe in 2016!



The greatest inner satisfaction comes when we do something good to others for no reason!


There are so many people around the world, who everyday wish to do something really inspirational to others. But do they really make indeed efforts to actualize their wishes?


Here in this blog, I’m going to share out the list of those influential people who through their wonderful deeds have conferred ‘greatest benefits to mankind’ – The Noble Prize Winner and Laureates across the World!


Let’s start knowing more about the Nobel Prize and its Winners! 



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What is the Nobel Prize and Why it is Given?



The Nobel Prize is a set of international awards which are presented to those intellectual persons who have performed outstandingly in the fields of academic, cultural or scientific advances.


The award is named after Alfred Nobel, the inventor of Swedish and Norwegian Institutions. Alfred Nobel established Nobel Prizes in 1895.


Whoever receives this prestigious award gets the benefit of worldwide recognition that highlights his entire life and work and the required funds to continue their further missions.


Below we have listed the names of all the Nobel Prize laureates of 2016! Please Scroll Down and Read the names of those amazing people who have left their positive marks globally.



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Nobel Prize Winners 2016 – Know the Achievers and their Achievement!



Winning a Nobel Prize is a life-changing honor! Whether the laureate is an internationally known figure or a scientist or a person who has done something really exceptional to confer the ‘Greatest Benefits to Mankind’, is awarded this most prestigious honor.


The award is presented in different categories like – Physics, Chemistry, Literature, Peace, Physiology or Medicine and Economic Sciences.


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Below, you can check the complete list of all the laureates from 2016. Keep Reading!



List of Nobel Prize Winners and Laureates in 2016!



1. Physics


“for theoretical discoveries of topological phase transitions and topological phases of matter”



David J. Thouless F. Duncan M. Haldane J. Michael Kosterlitz
David-J-Thouless  F.-Duncan-M.-Haldane  J.-Michael-Kosterlitz
Prize share: 1/2 Prize share: 1/4 Prize share: 1/4



2. Chemistry


“for theoretical discoveries of topological phase transitions and topological phases of matter.”



Jean-Pierre Sauvage Sir J. Fraser Stoddart Bernard L. Feringa
Jean-Pierre-Sauvage Sir-J.-Fraser-Stoddart Bernard-L.-Feringa
Prize share: 1/3 Prize share: 1/3 Prize share: 1/3



3. Literature


“for having created new poetic expressions within the great American song tradition.”



Bob Dylan
Prize share: 1/1



4. Peace


“for his resolute efforts to bring the country’s more than 50-year-long civil war to an end.”



Juan Manuel Santos
Prize share: 1/1



5. Physiology or Medicine


“for his discoveries of mechanisms for autophagy.”



Yoshinori Ohsumi
Prize share: 1/1



6. Economic Sciences


“for their contributions to contract theory.”



Oliver Hart  Bengt Holmström
Oliver-Hart   Bengt-Holmström 
Prize share: 1/2 Prize share: 1/2



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