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OI these onsirder the followne aseous comlihrin ivon bolow (D) N, + 3H, 2NH,; cqm.constant = K, () N, +O, 2 NO,; cqm. constant =K2 () H,+0,H,O; eqm. constant = K The equilibrium constant for the reaction, 2NH, +-0, 2NO+3H,0 in terms of KI.K2 and K3 2 will be K,K K (b) K K,K (c) (d)- K (a) K,K,K,
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  • Amol thankyou
    Option D If we reverse a reaction, then the new equilibrium constant becomes reciprocal to the older. If we add two reactions, then equilibrium constants multiply to get a new equ...
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