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Online Examination Test taking Tips, Strategies & Benefits [Must Read]

Online Exam Test Taking Tips



Owing to the advancement of Internet Technology & Proliferation of Computers, there’s a huge chunk of people who prefer to use computers to accomplish their daily tasks. Computer literacy regarding the fundamentals to perform the simplest and even the toughest of tasks using Computers comes handy for the techno-savvy youths.


For those students who possess adequate computer skills would have a great advantage while giving up the Exams or Tests Online. The answering and editing any portion in Online Tests would become less time taking & hassle-free for such candidates.


Keeping all these revolutionary changes in mind, most of the Institutes have started providing Online Education along with the well-integrated Online Test Taking Systems that can publish the Results as soon as you submit your answers.


Well, there are a lot more benefits of Online Test Taking System. With this blog, we’ll discuss the advantages and benefits of Computer Based Exams and the right procedure to take them.


Let’s get started!




Online Tests Benefits & Advantages | Know when to take them and Why



The popularity of Online Mode Exams in India is increasing day by day. There are thousand and lakhs of aspirants who appear for the competitive exams like IBPS, SSC and Railways. Conducting exams online makes it much easier in terms of management and procurement of results is faster. Also, there is no risk involved with the safety of the Answer sheet as the candidate’s answers are recorded and saved within the computer’s memory.


Even, there is no risk of damage to the data due to mishandling or natural calamities like rains, floods, earthquakes. Conducting Online Exams contributes to eco-friendliness.


Apart from these benefits, the Computer Based Tests highly boost up the efficiency, accuracy & speed of the test takers. With the instant result generator functionality associated with the Online Test Systems, the students can get their performance reviews instantly and make directed efforts to elevate their skills to the next level.


Listing up few more advantages & benefits below. Please have a look!



Schedule the Test as per your convenience


Speed Up Writing & Answer Giving Process


 Minimize the Errors as we can erase and re-write the answer.


Accelerate the Editing Process by making the grammar and spelling corrections easy. You may reframe the sentences or shift a whole block at the different location.


Timely Upgradation of the Set of Questions


Adding Media to the Question Paper


Reduces the Cost of Conducting Large-Scale Testing Programs


Automotive Revisions, Modifications & Updates


Get the Instant Performance Feedback with Real-Time Result Evaluation


Access Your Test Scores anytime, anywhere



Furthermore, the Computer Based Test Systems can help the person with disabilities to give the tests with full ease and convenience. With the use of several types of keyboards or other input devices, the candidates with disabilities can give the Online Exams with fewer difficulties.

Braille Keyboards are one of the examples of such type of input devices. This keyboard allows candidates to enlarge the text size to enhance its readability.



Through the online tests, the teachers can assess students’ growth at regular intervals and provide them necessary guidance to put required efforts in the right direction. This way the students can be more nourished and tutors can prepare them to achieve their goals.



Important Tips:



1. The candidates who are preparing for any of the competitive exams must practice with the mock test papers or online test series to experience the online test-taking environment prior to the actual exam.


Mock Tests & Practice Test Series help a lot in getting a fair idea about the exam. You’ll have to answer the questions which would have the highest probability to occur in the exam.



2. The Best time to take Mock Tests & Online Test Series is before 1 month of the exam. The last 1 month of your preparation should be dedicated to such type of performance evaluation tests so that you can identify your strong and weak areas.



3. Try to take the test in a proctored environment. Even if you’re the only one to take the test, consider yourself surrounded by the examiners and stay loyal while answering the questions.   

21 Effective Online Test Taking Strategies & Techniques [Must Read]


Surfing on the Internet and operating Computers may be somehow different from taking the tests online. It may be completely a bewildering experience for the students but undoubtedly better for their learning and growth.


Keeping the crucial factors in mind and following up the right strategy would be fruitful for students to give the online exam effectively.


Let see which strategies and techniques you should follow while appearing in any Online Exam/Test.


Whether you’re going to take an Online Mock Test, Test Series or an Actual Exam, you must always have the following tips in mind. Please read all of them carefully!



Before the Online Exam/Test


1. Pick out the suitable date and time to take the test. (Only If the option is available)


2. Prepare yourself well before appearing in the exam. Take help of Notes for quick revision.


3. Understand the paper format wisely and prepare a smart plan to manage your time effectively during the exam. 4. Gather all the essential materials that can help you during the test like pen, rough paper, pencil etc. 5. Remember your login credentials like – Roll Number/Registration Number & Password.


6. Keep your phone either switch off or put it on flight mode to restrain yourself from the distractions.


7. To avoid the last-minute rush, check whether your computer is properly working or not. Test the keyboard and mouse properly so that you don’t face any problems in between the exam.


8. Read the Exam Instructions Carefully and follow them properly during the exam. 9. Once the test is started, take a deep breath and keep all your anxieties aside. Stay determined and focus on the test with full concentration.



During the Online Test


10. There will be a timer running during the test, your every second will be counted. In such situation, you need to calm yourself and wisely decide which section/question you should attempt at first.


11. Use the short techniques to solve the questions. Long methods can consume more time! 12. Make sure all your answers are correct. If not, check out the negative marking schemes. 13. If you’re allowed to take help from the Internet during the tests, then do not open the search engine in the same tab of Online Exam. Open a new tab and start your search there. 14. For answering the paragraph/essay writing questions, you may use the Microsoft Word Editor to prevent yourself from making errors. Note down the whole text in Word file and then copy paste the data to the answer box.


15. If you face any technical issues during the Online Test, don’t panic. Ask for the support team to help you out in resuming your test.


16. Don’t refresh or close the test window.


17. Save all your answers carefully and verify them before submitting. 18. Before leaving the test, don’t forget to click on the Submit Button otherwise your data may be lost.




After the Online Test


19. Check out your scores and grades.


20. Verify your mistakes and try to find out their correct answers.


21. Find out the ways to improve yourself. Either take Expert help or ask your friends.



Were the above techniques helpful to you? If yes, then please share out the article with your friends. We would also like to get your feedback on the above post, please find a few minutes to provide your valuable reviews in the comment section below.




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