Noted Sanitation Expert Parameswaran Iyer to lead Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan

Noted Sanitation Expert Parameswaran Iyer to lead Swachh Bharat AbhiyaanNational Democratic Alliance (NDA) has appointed World Bank’s water and sanitation expert Parameswaran Iyer as the secretary of the drinking water and sanitation ministry on a contract basis for 2 Years.

Since June 2012, Iyer was working as a Program Leader and Sanitation specialist in Hanoi (Vietnam) Office of the World Bank.

He previously worked in Washington on Egypt and Lebanon and prior to that in the Bank’s Water Anchor. He has more than 20 Years of experience in water supply and sanitation sector.

He has led two Bank operations in Vietnam using the new Program for Results lending instrument and is currently working on a third focusing on sanitation in the Northern Mountains and Central Highlands region.

Iyer’s Appointment is headed by Modi and Ministry of water and Sanitation by cabinet committee. It is believed that Parameswaran Iyer is bringing a lot of experience in this field and this experience will count in Swacch Bharat Mission which is not doing well.

59 Years old Iyer with 20 years of experience is now a new hope of boosting up the Swacch Bharat Mission.


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