Miss Columbia Paulina Vega crowned as Miss Universe 2014


Quick Facts

Q1: What is the name of Miss Universe 2014?

Ans: Paulina Vega

Q2: What is the name of Miss Columbia?

Ans: Paulina Vega

Q3: What is the name of Miss India?

Ans: Noyonita Lodh.

Q4: Who is the first miss universe to wear the crown created by Diamond Internationals (D.I.)?

Ans: Paulina Vega


Miss Columbia ‘Paulina Vega’ won the crown of Miss Universe 2014 on 25th January, 2015. Vega was the first contestant to wear the special crown designed by Diamond International (D.I.).

Miss Universe 2013 ‘Gabriela Isler’ from Venezuela crowned the new beauty queen Miss Colombia Paulina Vega.

Columbia’s Paulina defeated 87 contestants including Miss India Noyonita Lodh. The top 4 contestant’s names are as follows-

Winner Miss Columbia ‘Paulina Vega’
First Runner-up Miss USA ‘Nia Sanchez’
Second Runner-up Miss Ukraine ‘Diana Harkusha’
Third Runner-up Miss Netherland ‘Yasmin Verheijen’
Fourth Runner-up Miss Jamaica ‘Kaci Fennell’

Three more awards were announced in Miss Universe contest and these were-

Miss Congeniality Universe Miss Nigeria ‘Queen Celestine’
Miss Photogenic Universe Miss Puerto ‘Rico Gabriela Berrios’
Miss National Costume Universe Miss Indonesia ‘Elvira Devinamira’
Here are some more facts which you may want to know!

Q1: What is the name of Miss Universe 2013?

Ans: Gabriela Isler

Q2: What is the name of Miss USA?

Ans: Nia Sanchez

Q3: What is the name of Miss Ukraine?

Ans: Diana Harkusha

Q4: What is the name of Miss Jamaica?

Ans: Kaci Fennell

Q5: What is the name of Miss Netherland?

Ans: Yasmin Verheijen.

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