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Cldidcter Character The reactivity of Organometallic compounds increase With t Carbon-Metal bond. Grignard Reagent The organomagnesium halides are known as Grignard reagents. lhey have the general MgX, where R is univalent radial like alkyl or aryl radical andX is generally bromine or iodi- paration Grignard reagents are prepared by the action of magnesium on alkyl halide in anhydr ether R-X+ Mg RMgX reflux CHI+Mg ether CH,Mgl reflux Methyl magnesium iodide ether >C,H.Mgl reflux Ethyl magnesium iodide C.H+Mg Mechanism The reaction most likely occurs via free radical mechanism. 2R-X+ Mg- R-R+ MgX Mg + MgX 2 MgX R-X+ MgX R+MgX R+ MgX RMgX tact Us: Website wwiw aduno
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    Grignard reagents also called ( Oragno metallic compund) form via the reaction of an alkyl or aryl halide with magnesium metal . The reaction is conducted by adding the organic hal...
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    Dinesh khalmaniya
    got it Shweta??
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    Shweta thakur
    sir in grignard reagent why on R there is negative sign
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