Pakistan successfully tested Cruise Missile Ra’ad

Ra'adQues. What is the name of the cruise missile, which has been successfully tested by Pakistan recently?
Ans. Pakistan successfully tested cruise missile named “Ra’ad” on 2nd February 2015. The Ra’ad is an Urdu word which means “Thunder”

Ques. What is it capable of?
Ans. With the range of 350 km, it is capable of delivering nuclear and conventional warheads up to, bringing many Indian cities under its range.

Ques. Ra’ad is developed by whom?
Ans. It is an Air Launched Cruise Missile (ALCM) developed by Pakistan and operational with the Pakistan Air Force

More about the Ra’ad missile:
The low altitude missile has high maneuverability capabilities. It can deliver nuclear and conventional warheads with pin-point accuracy. The Ra’ad missile enables Pakistan to achieve “strategic standoff capability” on land and at sea


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