Ravi Chaudhary appointed to Key Federal Aviation Post

Ravi-ChaudharyRavi Chaudhary, an Indian-American, has been appointed to a key position in the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). He has been made in charge of oversight and execution of aviation operations in nine different regions.

He is a former Air Force officer. He in his capacity as Executive Director for Regions and Center Operations at the FAA is also responsible for executing a $288 million operating budget and leads over 2,100 Federal Employees in nine nationwide regions.

More about the News:

Mr. Chaudhary was appointed by US President Barack Obama as a member of the President’s Advisory Commission on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders.

In this role, he advises the President on executive branch efforts to improve economic and community development, public and private sector collaboration, health, education and veterans support for the AAPI community.

Mr Chaudhary holds a BS in Aeronautical Engineering from the Air Force Academy, MA in Operational Arts and Science from Air University, and an MS in Industrial Engineering from St Mary’s University as a NASA graduate fellow.

More about Ravi Chaudhary:

Mr. Chaudhary has completed 21 years of service at the Air Force District of Washington, Andrews Air Force Base.

He is a C-17 Pilot and has completed a variety of command, operational, engineering, and senior staff assignments in the Air Force.

He has also served at the Pentagon as a Speechwriter and Strategic Planner in the Secretary of the Air Force Executive Action Group and Deputy Chief of Staff for Air Force Strategic Plans and Programs.

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