Saloni Dalal becomes the Youngest Medal Winner at 35th National Games 2015

Saloni Dalal - Youngest Medal Winner

Quick Facts

Ques: Who won the Bronze Medal at 35th National Games 2015?

Ans: Saloni Dalal

Ques: What is the name of youngest medal winner in 35th National Games 2015?

Ans: Saloni Dalal.

Ques: In which event Saloni Dalal becomes the youngest medal winner?

Ans: 35th National Games 2015

Ques: For which activity saloni becomes the youngest medal winner in 35th National Games?

Ans: Breast Stroke Swimming Event.


Saloni Dalal, a 7th Class student became the youngest bronze medal winner in the ongoing 35th National Games in Kerala.
Saloni dalal won a bronze in 200 M breast stroke swimming event, outclassing many seniors.

After winning the medal saloni expressed her feelings in a statement ‘I am very happy to win a medal at the national level. I have been practicing for the past seven years.’

However, Saloni was not only the youngest participant in the swimming pool.
Dekalu Th Panmei and Yaiphabi Thoudam from Manipur are only eight-years-old and their teammate Ritu Haobijam is ten-years-old.

About Saloni Dalal

Saloni is a 12 years old girl studying in 7th class. She belongs to Karnataka.

Saloni has also won a silver medal in the women’s 4 X 100 M Relay Medley, by teaming up with Anisha Gaonkar, Malika A Honagekar and Rutuja Pawar.

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